Why only Apple iPhones, Tablets and PCs are more popular than other Big Brands?

It is a common thought which comes in every mind that why only Apple company is better?

There are certain facts and comparisons between the Apple Products and other branded products.

It is very possible that we all have experienced the different brands of mobiles, Laptops and PCs. But there is always a lust remained for having the Gadgets of Apple Company. Even when the prices of the products are very high, approx. 2-3 time more than other big brands.

Now it is not a matter of just single country, but in every country the people are fond of Apple products, which can be noticed whenever a new version or model gets launched by Apple, the people waits in the long ques to get their one.

What has the Apple, which does not with the other big Brands?

First of all It should be clear that it is not a new company which just risen in some years.

No, it’s not that.


Long back in 1976 the Apple company was founded by Steve Jobs Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. It begain with a personal computer that today makes laptops and other portable media players. It entered in the Smartphone Market in 2007 with iPhone. This giant launched iPad in 2010 and Apple Watch in 2014.

So, let’s have a look why it is happening likewise.

There are a lot of android devices which have tons of other specifications to compete. But even than what makes the iPhone at the top of all.

We may discuss the things as per priority of the people in regard of Apple.

The Status Symbol

This is no more a hidden fact that using an Apple is much more than the social status. We can say, it is a “Social Currency” if you have an iPhone in your hands.

The Ultimate Design

Just try this experience and hold any big brand mobile in your one hand and in other hand take an iPhone. You will feel the difference of its class, Sleek, elegant. You would say “Simply Beautiful”.


The Fine Touch

It’s touch function is very smooth and much better. Wow !!!


Picture Quality

Even the other android phones have megapixels and high resolution functions, but we can experience that after taking hundreds of picture shots in android we would end-up with selecting some 5-10 Pics. But while using iPhone the things are different. Here one would end-up just deleting 5-6 pics out of hundreds and would happy to keep all pics. It is Remarkable !!!


The iPhone does everything  in a very graceful possible way, just without realizing you.  This was the thing which Steve Jobs always wanted about the use of Technology.

Speed and Software

It has its own iOS. So the speed the remarkable. This is also a reason that it has a smaller market in the smartphones.  But all your games, desktop photos, apps and movie maker, everything works so fast. The quick updates of the softwares keeps the people up-to-date.

Best Apps First

The developer loves to make best apps firstly for the Apple devices. It may be as the demand and also for quick revenue generation. So, if you want to have some best apps, just have it in your iPhone.

Best Customer Support

You would not get this kind of customer support anywhere, which is provided by the Apple Stores. Apple has covered the all solutions in a very better way.

Powerful performance

The Apple has the Power of iOS in its technology. In new versions Apple’s chipset contain two core, which is beyond any Quad Cores and octa cores. Now in new versions of iPhone-XS, there is in-built bionic chip, which is world’s most power chip for the smartphones of iPhone and unfortunately no other android phone has this.


So let me conclude.

It is beautiful having unparalleled speed with bunch of best apps either iPhone, Tablets, Laptops or PCs. Though it is more expensive, but quality is un-comparable.

Hope, I could have been able to put here some comparative features of iPhone or Apple Products, which can be helpful while making mind before purchasing any gadget.

And above all, I know the lovers of Apple products would enjoy this article.


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