56 Best Online Tutoring Jobs For Teachers & College Students (With & No Degree)

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Online tutoring can provide an excellent side gig for teachers and students. There are lots of opportunities to develop an additional income stream around your current commitments.

So, here we’ll explore the possibilities to help you find the best online tutoring jobs in your subject.

What is an Online Tutor?

Whether you’re a college student looking for a side hustle or a teacher wanting to make some extra cash, online tutoring jobs could be the solution. Online tutoring allows you to work from home and help students. 

Tutoring online involves working within an interactive digital classroom. You may work one to one or you could have multiple students. You will need to be passionate about teaching and have sufficient knowledge about your chosen subject.

Some platforms require specific qualifications, but there are others that will hire teens. You may also require certain equipment such as a webcam and microphone.

How Much Money Can You Make Online Tutoring?

The earning potential for online teaching jobs will depend on a number of factors. The pay for elementary level subjects is likely to be less than a college level subject. If you’re an expert in a subject and have relevant qualifications, you will be able to command a higher rate. 

The rates vary from $2 or $3 per hour up to $50 or more per hour.

How do I Become an Online Tutor?

There are a number of steps involved in becoming an online tutor. Firstly, you’ll need to determine your chosen subject. English tutoring is the most common, but it is not necessarily the best paying. You will then need to decide at what level you can tutor. 

Your choice of platform may influence this. Many companies have requirements for tutors at specific levels. These may include a teaching certificate, a certain number of years of experience or a degree. So, you will need to ensure that you meet these requirements.

Which Online Teaching Company Pays the Most?

Arborbridge is one of the highest paying platforms – up to $45 per hour. However, the qualification requirements for tutors are quite stringent.

Since you’ll be primarily aiding students with test prep, you need to score in the top percentiles in the appropriate tests.

Online Tutoring Jobs that Don’t Require a Degree

1. Magic Ears


Magic Ears offers online english tutor jobs for students age five to twelve. The children requiring tutoring are in China and they need native English speakers from the USA and Canada. 

The only qualifications for this platform is that you need some teaching experience. However, even if you lack experience, it is worth applying. In a worst case scenario, Magic Ears will reject your application and you can try elsewhere. 

You can earn up to $26 per hour. Magic Ears pays tutors on the 10th working day of the month via bank transfer or PayPal. You can apply to become a Magic Ears tutor here

2. Peerly

Peerly is a tutoring app, allowing you to make money when you want. You can browse the available jobs that meet your schedule requirements. You’ll receive payment for each job you complete. 

The Peerly app also allows students to tip, so you can further boost your earnings. 

To become a tutor, you’ll need to download the app and follow the application process. This involves a few screens of questions about yourself. You’ll also need to submit a transcript. Once the Peerly team has verified your details, you can be up and running in a day or so. 

3. Cambly

Cambly is a program that allows native English speakers to connect with students to allow them to practice their conversational English. The target student level is K through 12 and college students. 

However, where Cambly stands apart is that it offers online tutoring jobs that don’t require a degree. In fact, you don’t even need experience to apply

As a result, the pay is lower on Cambly. But, you can still expect to earn up to $10.20 per hour. You can also work at any time and you’ll be chatting with people around the world. So, it is an interesting gig. 

4. italki

Italki claims to be the largest marketplace for online language tutors in the world. You can set up a profile for free and set your own rates. Italki will then take a 15% commission when you have a student take a tutoring session. 

However, what makes Italki a little different is that you can apply to be a professional teacher or community tutor. Professional teachers need to have qualifications such as a Bachelor’s Degree or teaching qualifications. However, community tutors simply need to be native in their teaching language and over the age of 18. 

5. AmazingTalker


Amazing Talker offers tutoring to adults around the world. You can set your own schedule, teach as many hours as you wish and create your own lesson plans. This makes it ideal for those looking for full or part time tutoring jobs. 

This platform does not require tutors to hold a degree, but you must be a fluent English speaker and have experience in tutoring. Amazing Talker also requires that tutors have a passion for teaching and reliable workstation. 

You can set your own rates, so tutoring with Amazing Talker offers $10 to $25 or more per hour

6. Lingoda

Lingoda is another e-learning platform that has been around since 2013. Student classes are limited to no more than five students and you can teach in a virtual classroom. 

The requirements to become an online tutor are a little more involved than other platforms. You need to be reliable, a native speaker and comfortable working with international students. However, you also need to have two years plus teaching experience, completed CELTA or related studies and be available to work any time of the day. 

The pay rate for Lingoda tutors is $8 to $13 per hour. You’ll earn the higher rates if you have more students in your virtual class. However, Lingoda does provide all the relevant teaching materials. 

7. SayABC

SayABC offers tutors a basic rate of $15 for each 40 minute class. However, there is a possibility for bonuses. You can set your own hours and schedule, with 90 percent of tutors on the site teaching four hours per day. 

The platform does set a cap at the maximum number of classes per week. So, at a maximum, you can teach 32 classes per week, limiting your income to $480 a week

SayABC requires tutors that have a native level of English, one year or more teaching experience and a 120 hour TEFL or TESOL certificate. You also need to hold a Bachelor’s degree or be in your last year of study. 

8. Palfish

Palfish is a mobile only app, but you can use this to access online tutor jobs. You can earn 50 RMB for each 25 minute class. This translates into approximately $8, but exchange rates can fluctuate. 

The rates do increase for each level. When Palfish promotes you to level two up to level five, you’ll get a 5 RMB rate increase. There are also bonuses for reaching targets, being punctual and teaching consecutive classes. This translates into earnings of up to $30 per hour

While you don’t need a degree to tutor on Palfish, you do need a teaching certificate. 

9. Acadsoc

Acadsoc has been around since 2011 and now has over 10,000 tutors. To become a tutor on this platform, you need to be a fluent English speaker and know the basic ESL teaching principles. Acadsoc also prefers candidates with a teaching certificate.

The recruitment process involves an online application and Skype interview. Acadsoc also has an online training kit and requires you complete training with one of the Acadsoc instructors. 

The base rate is $2 to $10 per hour. Typically, evening and weekend shifts command a higher base rate. There are also bonuses for class completion, perfect attendance and trial class enrolment. 

10. Open English


For almost 15 years, Open English has been considered a market leader in English online teaching throughout Latin America. Working for Open English is a great way to access part time online coaching jobs. You’ll need to commit to at least 10 hours, but the maximum is set at 26 hours. You can earn an average of $13 per hour

There is a list of requirements to become an Open English tutor. This includes being a native North American speaker, being passionate about teaching, and a commitment to at least ten hours per week including five hours at peak time. 

Open English also prefers candidates with prior teaching experience, a degree and teaching certificate. However, these are not a requirement. 

Companies that Offer Online Tutoring Jobs for Teachers

11. Tutor.com

Tutor allows you to connect with students from K through 12. There is a variety of subjects including English, Business, Social Studies and Science. However, it is also one of the few platforms where you can be a math tutor online. 

To apply, you need to be a resident in the USA or Canada and can commit for at least five hours a week. Tutor also requires tutors to be a college sophomore or higher, with some subjects requiring a college degree. 

The application process requires a subject exam and a mock tutor session. The process can take up to three weeks. 

The hourly rate depends on the subjects, but it is an average of $13 per hour. 

12. Chegg

Chegg is a site offering tutoring at middle school, high school and college level for all subjects. Tutors need to be currently enrolled in a four year university program and provide two forms of school verification. 

However, you can expect to earn $20 per hour. The top earning tutors on the platform are earning more than $1,000 a month. Payments are made each week, via PayPal. The minimum lesson length is five minutes. So, even if you only spend a couple of minutes on a live lesson, you’ll receive at least $1.66. 

13. Skooli

Skooli offers tutoring from elementary to college for subjects including science, math, languages and business. To apply, you need to have a bachelor’s degree or provincial teaching certificate. When you submit an application, Skooli will arrange a screening session within a few days, so you’ll be able to get started quickly. 

You can work wherever you’re available. You can tutor on your computer or using your smartphone or tablet. You can expect to earn up to $25 per hour. All payments are made via PayPal. 


VIPKid is one of the most well known tutoring sites for ages four to twelve. To become a tutor you need a bachelor’s degree with access to a headset with a microphone and a camera. 

The application process is quite involved and requires a mock class, one on one thirty minute interview and a background check. You will also need to commit to a minimum six month contract. 

However, you can expect to earn $14 to $22 per hour. Payments are made via direct deposit on the 10th and 15th of each month. 

15. Elevate K-12


Elevate K-12 differs from most tutoring platforms, as you’ll work with the same group of students every week. You’ll pre schedule your tutoring each week with hours between 8 am and 5 pm EST. 

The platform offers tutoring in a variety of subjects including math, foreign language, social studies, science and coding. 

To become a tutor, you’ll need to be a US resident with one or more years of teaching experience. Elevate K-12 also requires tutors to hold a bachelor’s degree. 

You can expect to earn an average of $15 per hour

16. TutorMe

TutorMe offers tutoring from K through 12 in history, math, computer science, social sciences, engineering, science and foreign languages. 

To apply, you’ll need to not only be a master of the subject you want to tutor, but also have previous teaching or tutoring experience. TutorMe also requires tutors to have graduated or currently enrolled at an accredited university. 

You can expect to earn up to $18 per hour. TutorMe pays via PayPal each week. 

17. Tutorvista

TutorVista offers full and part time work tutoring students K to 12 and college level. The courses include math, English, sciences and more. To become a tutor, you need to have teaching experience and a master’s degree in your tutoring subject. 

The hours are pre scheduled, so you’ll need to commit to either four or nine hours a day. You’ll only be able to change your tutoring hours with some notice. Depending on the grade level, you can earn $4 to $18 per hour.

18. Brainfuse

Brainfuse offers tutoring for all or most subjects, for K through 12 and college level students. The platform requires tutors to hold a four year degree and have some teaching or tutoring experience. 

To apply, you’ll need to submit your resume and if accepted, Brainfuse will send you a registration code to proceed with your application. The application process also involves background and reference checks. Brainfuse offers flexible tutoring, as you can create your own schedule. You can expect to earn $9 to $14 per hour.

19. Aim-for-A Tutoring

Aim For A Tutoring offers tutoring at elementary to college level in all or most subjects. You’ll need to hold a Bachelor’s degree in your chosen subject and have some tutoring or teaching experience. You’ll also need access to Skype and a microphone. 

You can expect to earn $10 to $15 per hour. Aim For A also allows you to create a flexible schedule to accommodate students around the world. 

To apply, you’ll need to send in your resume and include a covering letter with a short paragraph explaining why you would enjoy tutoring with Aim For A. You should also include your availability and your Skype user name, so the team can contact you to discuss your application further.

20. TutorGigs


TutorGigs has made it easy to find online tutoring jobs. The company has a three step process to make some cash tutoring in your spare time. 

Firstly, you’ll need to choose your tutoring subjects and pass a qualification exam. TutorGigs will then notify you when there is a tutoring gig that matches your qualifications and availability. You’ll have the option to accept or pass on the scheduled job. 

You can expect to earn $9 to $13 per hour and you can cash out each week. 

21. DaDa

DaDa is based in China, but partnered with the American TESOL Institute. This platform offers on demand English lessons to Chinese Students age 4 to 16.

There are just two requirements to become a tutor with DaDa. Firstly, you must be a native English speaker. You also need to hold a Bachelor’s degree in any subject. However, there are no exceptions and if you don’t meet these two requirements, you won’t be hired. 

DaDa is one of the best platforms for online teaching jobs and you can expect to earn up to $25 per hour

22. Kaplan

Kaplan has over one million students offering English language training and test preparation. However, the platform does not offer online tutoring exclusively. Not all work is online and some jobs require meeting a student outside your home. 

To become a tutor for Kaplan, you need to have previous teaching experience and hold a degree. Kaplan does provide great support and you can expect to earn up to $38 per hour, depending on your subject. 

23. Center for Talented Youth (CTY)

CTY is part of John Hopkins University and is a non profit dedicated to developing pre college academically advanced students around the world. This is one of the best online tutoring jobs and there are opportunities for math, science, languages and other subjects.

To become a tutor you need to have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in a related field  and two years of related experience. 

The hours vary as most of the CTY tutoring jobs are casual. However, you can expect to earn up to $25 or more per hour

24. Outschool

Outschool is another online platform for children in grades K to 12. There are over 10,000 classes on the platform. Subjects are divided into one of ten categories; Arts, English, Health & Wellness, Math, Music, Life Skills, Coding & Tech, Science & Nature, World Languages and Social Studies. 

To become an Outschool tutor you need to have good command of both written and spoken English, be a full time resident in the USA or Canada and commit to meeting the Outschool community standards. You also need to verify your identity and pass a criminal background check. While the application process is quite in depth, you can expect to earn up to $25 per hour.

25. Pearson Smartthinking


Pearson Smartthinking offers tutoring in over 150 subjects. The company appeals for graduate students, faculty, retirees or professionals to join their team of tutors. 

The company posts online teaching jobs, which can require up to 25 hours per week. You’ll need to have several years of tutoring or teaching experience and hold a PhD, master’s or other advanced certification. 

The subjects vary but you can expect to earn up to $20 per hour. However, you will need to apply online for each appropriate job. 

26. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone may be one of the largest global language companies, but you may not be aware it also offers online tutoring. They typically hire people from the USA, Canada and UK. 

To become a tutor, you need to have a minimum of two years teaching experience and a four year degree. You also need to create a professional level profile to highlight your skills and background. 

Rosetta Stone offers tutoring for elementary, junior, high school and college students. However, they also offer adult tutoring. You’ll need to make a commitment of tutoring at least 20 hours per week, but you can expect to earn up to $15 per hour.

27. ArborBridge

ArborBridge offers both in person and online tutoring. The company has been around since 2007 and connects with students around the world. In addition to academic tutoring for K to 12, ArborBridge offers test prep for SATs GRE, GMAT, ACT, ISEE and SSAT exams. 

Each job has different requirements, but ArborBridge typically requires a Bachelor’s degree, at least one year of experience and the ability to score in the 99th percentile of the relevant tests. 

However, you can expect to earn up to $45 per hour

28. CareerFoundry

CareerFoundry looks for mentors, which is more than a basic tutor. You’ll need to already be working in the tech field and be a course specialist to help the students on a day to day basis. You’ll be required to guide students through the course and answer any questions, building a relationship with those students. 

To apply, you can browse the open opportunities or send your resume and cover letter to the team. 

29. Golden Voice English – GVE

GVE (Golden Voice English) is a Canadian company offering online tutoring to native Chinese speakers. Most students are in grade one to nine. 

Unlike many online tutoring jobs, GVE has a specific program with approved teaching methods and special curriculum materials. 

To apply, you’ll need to be a native speaker with at least six months teaching experience. You’ll also need to pass a background check and hold a Bachelor’s degree in education and an ESL teacher training certificate. 

You can expect to earn up to $25 per hour, but you’ll need to be available for at least eight hours per week. You need to specify your availability in advance and check in each day to see if there are any scheduled sessions for the following day. 

30. English Ninjas


English Ninjas teaches mostly Turkish students. To become a tutor, you need to have a ESL certificate, degree and teaching experience. 

What makes English Ninjas stand apart from many other tutoring platforms is its flexibility. You can either opt to work as little or as much as you want or teach pre scheduled shifts. These are attractive as you’ll receive payment regardless of whether there is a student in this session or not. 

You can expect to earn $10 per hour and you’ll receive your pay once per month in the first five business days of the month. 

31. Nurturing Wisdom

Nurturing Wisdom has been offering one to one, paired and small group tutoring since 2005. The company aims to offer tutoring to meet the needs of children to support their school experience. This includes helping students to improve their SAT, HSPT and ACT test scores, as well as proficiency in math, English and science. 

To become a tutor with Nurturing Wisdom, you’ll need to take a proctored test. The company typically requires tutors to have a Bachelor’s degree and some teaching experience. You can expect to earn up to $35 per hour

32. InGenius Prep

InGenius Prep was set up by Harvard and Yale law students in 2012. Since then the team has grown to over 300 people and there are offices in the USA, Canada, China and Korea. 

This e-learning institution can help students to get accepted with a variety of specific admission assistance. To become a tutor, you’ll need to have strong interpersonal and communication skills, with a Bachelor’s degree and teaching experience. 

However, each position has specific requirements. You’ll need to apply for individual positions via the website, including a copy of your resume. 

Pay rates vary according to the position, but you can expect to earn at least $20 per hour

33. PrepNow Tutoring

PrepNow involves tutoring the same students on a one on one regular basis. The company offers tutoring for students K through 12 in math, science and other subjects. It also offers test prep for SAT, PSAT and ACT testing. 

To apply, you will need to have a Bachelor’s degree and at least two years of tutoring or teaching experience. PrepNow also requires tutors to have a composite 28 on ACT or 650 on SAT math and SAT verbal.You’ll need to commit to at least six hours per week. You can expect to earn up to $25 per hour.

34. Whales English

Whales English formerly Rouchi and Sprout4Future in an online teaching school. It is designed for students in China who need to learn English. It has over 16,000 students age five to fifteen.

Classes have an average of two or three students and all classes use U.S Common Core material. There is no correcting homework and no lesson planning. 

To apply, you need to be a native English speaker with at least one year of experience, a degree and teaching certificate. The application process involves submitting your resume, an interview, mock classes and self training. 

You’ll need to commit to at least eight hours per week. Four of these hours must be 7pm to 9pm Beijing time on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. You can expect to earn $18 to $30 per hour. Payments are made through Payoneer and there are also bonuses when you reach your first $1,000. 

35. Gogo Kid


GoGoKid is a website funded by the Chinese tech company Bytedance. It offers one on one classes for children that last up to 25 minutes. 

The application process involves completing an online application, an interview, an orientation program and signing a contract. You’ll need to have a Bachelor’s degree, teaching certificate and eligibility to work in Canada or the USA. The company also requires one year of experience. 

You can expect to earn $7 to $10 for each class. So, it is possible to earn up to $25 per hour

36. StudyPoint

StudyPoint offers tutoring for K through 12 students. The company will pair you with a student for long term assignments. You’ll work directly to schedule your sessions with your students, so you can arrange times that work for both of you. 

To become a StudyPoint tutor, you’ll need two years of tutoring or teaching experience and a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. You also need a 650 on SAT Math and Verbal or a composite 28 on ACT. 

You’ll need to commit to at least six hours per week, including weekends and weeknights. However, you can expect to earn up to $25 per hour

37. Wordvice

Wordvice is a freelance writing company, but it also offers ESL tutoring. To become a tutor, you’ll need to be a native English speaker with at least one year of tutoring or ESL teaching experience. You also need to have a Bachelor’s degree and be flexible enough to tutor students in other parts of the world. 

To apply, you’ll need to upload your resume and a summary of your relevant experience, including your qualifications and specific details of your teaching background. 

38. Trilogy Education Services

Trilogy partners with universities around the world to offer training programs to assist students to build their careers. The company offers freelance, remote and part time jobs in a variety of fields. 

To apply, you need to submit an online form. You’ll need to specify your area of expertise from a choice of web development, cybersecurity, data analytics, UX or FinTech. 

Tutors on the platform can earn an average of $20 per hour

39. Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep offers tutoring in a variety of subjects for grades six to twelve. It offers an opportunity for those looking for full time online tutoring jobs. You can earn $25 to $30 per hour in the first year. Additionally, there are additional benefits and bonuses. 

To become a tutor, you need to have some teaching experience and a Bachelor’s degree. You also need to be a resident in the USA and have familiarity with creating lesson plans. The Revolution Prep website has a list of current opportunities including remote positions. You’ll need to submit your resume and pass a background check.

40. Yup


Yup is a tutoring app connecting tutors with students. It covers levels K to 12 in a variety of subjects including math, physics and chemistry.

To become a Yup tutor, you must be a U.S resident and have two years or more tutoring experience. You’ll need to take a subject exam for the subject or subjects you’d like to tutor and a teaching exam. This application process typically takes less than 24 hours. 

Once successful, Yup will provide a weekly set schedule when you’ll need to be online to help the Yup students. 

The pay rates vary according to experience and skills. However, the average rate is $13 to $17 per hour. You’ll receive payments each month via direct deposit or PayPal. 

41. Landi Subject English

Landi has an immersive system using Content and Language Integrated Learning. The company offers tutoring for students K to upper elementary. The classes have one or two students and last up to 25 minutes. 

To apply, you need to be a native speaker and have a Bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate. You’ll need to commit to a minimum of twelve hours per week and this needs to be at least three hours a day for four days a week. 

Your final starting rate will depend on your teaching experience and your performance in a demo lesson. However, you can expect to receive up to $18 per hour

42. MathElf

MathElf is the place to be for online math tutor opportunities. It offers tutoring for K to 12 and college students. 

The application process is simple. You’ll need to have an iPad with iOS 11 or higher, and a minimum of one year of math tutoring experience. You’ll need to submit your application and attend a thirty minute interview. 

MathElf provides the opportunity to work when you like and you can earn $20 per hour. Payments are made each week via PayPal. The average income for MathElf tutors is $300 per month, but there are tutors earning $2,000+ per month. 

43. QKids

QKids is one of the largest tutoring sites offering English tutoring for four to twelve year olds. Lessons are 30 minutes long and you’ll teach the one to four students per class. These are often the same students, but you may see some new faces. 

You can earn $20 per hour, but there are bonuses. To become a tutor, you need to commit to six or more hours per week. The other requirements include eligibility to work in the USA or Canada, have a Bachelor’s degree or be actively enrolled in university and have prior teaching or tutoring experience. 

44. Preply

Preply is another tutoring platform that will allow you to teach from 100 subjects. However, where Preply stands apart from any other tutoring platforms is that you can set your own rates. 

The platform has a tiered commission structure. The first lesson is given to new students for free. After this the commission is 18 to 33 percent. The more lessons you tutor, the less Preply will charge in commission. 

You will be competing with other tutors, so you’ll need to be competitive. However, popular tutors on the platform are earning $550 per week

45. TutaPoint


Tutapoint offers a variety of subject tutoring, including math, languages, science, social studies, and more for elementary to college students.

To become a Tutapoint tutor, you’ll need to be a U.S resident with a minimum of two years of experience. You also need to be enrolled or have graduated from a U.S university. 

The application process involves providing references, demonstrating your skills, passing a background check and completing a video interview.

The starting pay is $14 per hour, but there are incentives and bonuses. 

46. Enroll

Enroll is quite unique as students age 15 or older can become a tutor. It offers tutoring in all or most subjects for highschool level students. 

The first two levels on the platform are unpaid, but this allows you to build your reputation. You can also sell teaching tools such as lesson plans in the Enroll marketplace. 

47. Student Tutor

Student Tutor offers private tutoring in all or most subjects, K to 12. 

The qualifications for tutors varies according to your subject. You need to be a college student with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and Student Tutor expects you to have some tutoring experience. SAT tutors need to have a 700+ score per section, while ACT tutors need 30+ per section. 

Your rate of pay will depend on your experience and available hours. However, Student Tutor states the hourly pay is competitive. 

48. Studypool

Rather than offering one to one tutoring, Studypool requires you to bid on student homework questions on all or most subjects. So, when students post questions, you will provide a price and delivery time. When selected, you can begin your tutor session. 

This is available for students K through 12 and you can also sell study guides, lesson plans and notes on the platform. 

To apply, you need to be a university or college student. It is possible to earn up to $7,500 per month

49. EF Education First

EF Education First is an English tutoring platform for children in China age five to ten. The sessions involve one on one tutoring for 25 minutes. EF prepares all course materials for you, so you don’t need to provide any teaching props. 

You get to set your own schedule, but it is important to be available consistently. You’ll typically work with the same students in the long term. You can expect to earn $20 or more per hour. To become an EF Education First tutor, you’ll need to be a native speaker in the U.K or U.S. You also need to have a Bachelor’s degree and TEFL certificate.

50. Course Hero


Course Hero allows you to teach practically any subject and receive pay for answering questions. The subjects include business, accounting, economics, finance, psychology, calculus, history, math and sciences. 

Tutors typically earn $3 per question. This adds up to $12 to $20 per hour. Some of the top Course Hero tutors are earning $500 per week. 

There are no minimum requirements to become a tutor. You can jump on the platform to answer questions whenever you like. 

51. Instructional Connections

Instructional Connections hires part time coaches and teaching assistants for all or most subjects. Essentially, you’ll work alongside instructors to help the online courses to run smoothly. 

These are work from home opportunities, as an independent contractor. The pay varies, but you can expect an average of $18 per class. 

The application process involves an online application, background check and resume submission. You also need to provide a U.S social security number or Tax Payer ID Number. 

52. Brainmass

Brainmass is a little different from the typical tutoring website. It sells educational eBooks on all or most subjects for all student levels. Rather than directly tutoring students directly, you can create your own eBooks. This will help you to earn a passive income from sales each month. 

Additionally, some students may have custom questions for you. If your answers are approved by the editorial team at Brainmass, it will be offered in the solution library for further sales. 

When your earnings reach $75 or more, you’ll receive payment via PayPal or check on the 15th of the following month. 

53. TutorABC

TutorABC offers tutoring for all or most subjects at all student levels. You can work on a flexible and personalized schedule. 

To apply, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree, and a teaching certificate. You also need a webcam and headset with microphone. The entire application process takes approximately an hour. It involves a proficiency test, details of your qualifications and a video that demonstrates your teaching skills. 

You can expect to earn an average of $13 per hour. There are also bonuses for student ratings and the number of students there are in each class. 

54. Connections Academy

Connections Academy provides free online schooling for grades K to 12. This offers a unique program combining parental involvement in homeschooling with professional expertise and a flexible learning environment. 

The careers page on the Connections Academy website has a list of current opportunities. Each one has different requirements, but it is typically a Bachelor’s degree, teaching certificate and experience. 

You can expect to earn $15 to $22 per hour. You may also be required to commit to a set number of hours per week for a specific number of weeks. 

55. My Tutor 24


MyTutor24 offers student support for grades K to 12. You can work from home with flexible hours in subjects including math, sciences, analytical skills, languages and English. 

You will need to have an undergrad degree, a minimum two years of tutoring or teaching experience and familiarity with computers. 

56. Superprof

Superprof is a platform that allows you to create an ad for your teaching services. You can set your own conditions and have control over your fees, schedule and methodology. Once your ad is published, potential students will contact you. 

Your rates are shown in your ad, so you can set your own payments. However, the average rate of pay on the platform is $28 per hour

The platform has more than 35,000 students in more than 28 countries across the globe. So, you can connect with students around the world.

What is the Best Online Tutoring Company to Work for?

The answer to the question, what is the best online tutoring company to work for is not straightforward. It depends greatly on what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for which online teaching company pays the most, it is a different answer to those who are looking for a company that does not require many formal qualifications.

For example, Arborbridge is one of the highest paying platforms, but it has stringent requirements. On the other hand, the Acadasoc base rate is $2 to $10 per hour, but it has fewer requirements.

Fortunately, our list has covered most scenarios, so you should be able to find one suitable for your skill set and experience.

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Best 30 Online Proofreading Jobs from Home – Hiring Now [Updated 2020]

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Fixing poorly structured writing, pointing out mistakes, working flexible hours, and living anywhere in the world is the new definition of proofreading jobs.

Today, you will find out exactly what you need to become a proofreader.

I will provide you with techniques for obtaining proofreading jobs or clients on 30 platforms that pay $10 to $50 per hour.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Proofreading?

What Is Proofreading Job

Let’s start from the beginning.

Proofreading is the very last step in the writing process. A proofreader checks for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes as well as inconsistencies.

Proofreaders can proof anything that has written content such as:

  • Student essays
  • Blogs
  • Online articles
  • Interviews
  • Cases Studies
  • User manuals
  • eBooks
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Social media posts

Here is an example of a proofreader’s work:

”Oak (2000) argues that the music picks selected can be utilized to position service in the mind of consumers as being of the a best highest quality.

In addition, a proofreader may need add comments as to why adjustments needed to be made, depending on the requirements.

Best Proofreading Courses

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How Much Does a Proofreader Make?

As a beginner proofreader, expect to earn $10+ per hour. But, as you gain experience and become better at this, your rate can increase to $30 or even $50 per hour.

Here are some personal stories from people who have made over $2000 per month from proofreading:

Sound good? So what’s next?

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What Skills Do You Need to Become a Proofreader?

Personal skills:

  • Close attention to detail
  • Great focus
  • Patience

Technical skills:

  • Knowledge of grammatical rules
  • Rich vocabulary
  • Aware of the difference between American English, British English, Australian English and Canadian English.
  • Strong grasp of editorial styles, including familiarity with at least The Chicago Manual of Style
  • Some understanding of the subject matter

All checked off or nearly so? Then let’s
see what’s next.

What Tools Do You Need?

As you saw in the last section, a proofreader needs quite a few skills. However, it’s the 21st century, so feel free to facilitate your work with these online tools:

Grammarly has a free app and browser extension that automatically analyzes your written content and checks for any grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

For example:

This is a fantastic tool and has changed the game when it comes to proofreading faster.

Wordrake: edits writing by removing unnecessary words.

Hemingway Editor: detects wordy sentences and highlights problems with writing styles

So, your skillset is complete. Now what?

How to Find a Proofreading Job?

Where can you earn money as a proofreader?

Stay with me, and you will find out!

1. ProofReadingServices


Proofreading Jobs for Academics

As the name suggests, ProofReadingServices offer proofreading services for academics, job seekers, businesses, and authors.

On the website, it says that they hire only one out of every three hundred applicants, so the competition is tough. However, it’s worth applying because their application consists of only 20 questions and should not take more than 15 minutes to complete.

Keep in mind that they have a 20-minute limit on the application page. However, if you need more time, open the “Incognito window,” and you will be able to start the test again. The test will consist of filling the gaps in sentences with one of the choices provided:

  • “I depend on __ sits in the front to stay awake and look for police cars.”

Choose “whoever” or “whomever”

  • “The __ argument is discussed in this article.”

Choose “principal” or “principle”

And so on…

How much can you make as a proofreader on ProofReadingServices?

The hourly rate varies between $19 and $45 per hour and depends on the turnaround time, which can be as quick as 3 hours or up to 7 days.

Click here to apply for ProofReadingServices


ProofReading services hire part-time and full-time proofreaders who demonstrate superlative proofreading and editing skills. You can work at home when you want, right from your living room, in any time zone, and earn from $19 to $46 per hour depending on turnaround time. Plus you can connect with some of the world’s top English proofreaders.





  • $19-$45/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • 15 – 60 minutes

2. ProofReadingPal


Spelling and Grammar checking Jobs Online

ProofreadingPal uses a unique two-proofreader model, meaning that projects are checked for any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors by two professionals.

In order to get a job, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Currently employed by or enrolled as a graduate or postgraduate student in an accredited United States university with a minimum GPA of 3.5.
  • Have a graduate degree with a minimum of 5 years of professional proofreading and editing experience.

Next, there are some generally preferred qualifications such as “Ability to meet the deadlines,” “Exceptional time-management skills,” and experience with popular writing styles such as APA, MLA, CMS, AP, and CSE.

If you meet the above requirements, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire about your experience as a proofreader.

How much can you make as a proofreader on ProofReadingPal?

ProofreadingPal indicates that their freelancers typically earn between $500 to $3000 per month. To be more exact, editors just starting out earn around $12 to $15 per hour, while editors who have been around for 6 months or more earn $18 to $22 per hour.

Click here to apply for ProofreadingPal.


ProofreadingPal is a unique proofreading service that hires two editors for every job. To work for the company, you need to have at least 5 years of professional experience working in editing jobs. Additionally, you need to be a graduate student or employed by a University to work for ProofreadingPal. If you qualify, you can work from home and make up to $3000 for your time.





  • $12-$22/hour


  • 400+ hours

    Application process

  • 60+ minutess

3. Prompt


Proofreading Job On Prompt

Do you remember struggling to write your college admission essay and worrying about typos? Prompt helps people improve college admission essays so they can get into college. You can take what you’ve learned and help new candidates get peace of mind.

Given their academic focus, Prompt is a seasonal employer. You’ll want to check their hiring page carefully to see if they’re still open positions. If not, check back in a few months. Note that they call their workers “essay specialists”.

Become an essay specialist with Prompt


Prompt is a writing coaching service that’s perfect for people that need a remote editing job. The company focuses on improving college essays, so it’s a seasonal task. Prompt calls their editors “writing coaches.” These coaches work with clients to improve their writing in the hopes of getting into college.





  • $20-$28/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • 15 – 60 minutes

4. Reedsy

(about $3/page)

How To Use Reedsy

If you want to focus on fiction instead of nonfiction proofreading, consider Reedsy. They focus on the creation, polishing, and promotion of books.

If you want to see your name in the
acknowledgments of a published book, this is the place to apply. If you have
marketing or web skills, you can also offer those services.

Join Reedsy community and start working as a Proofreader


Do you want to know how to become a proofreader without a lot of experience? Reedsy might be the answer. This company hires proofreaders for entry level editing jobs. Reedsy’s editors proofread fiction books, so it’s the perfect job for book lovers that want to work form home





  • about $3/page


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • <15 minutes

5. R3ciprocity.com

(earning credits)

Is R3ciprocity Legit

R3ciprocity is an odd duck, but a cool idea. People submit essays to the site and proof each other work. You then get feedback on your changes from the original author and earn credits based on the score you get.

If you do well enough, you can get an offer
to become one of their paid proofreaders. When people pay for a higher-end worker
you get a cut of the money.

Start earning credits with R3ciprocity


R3ciprocity is somewhat of an odd ball in the remote editing job world. The site is a peer-to-peer proofreading service where you earn “credits” for editing someone else’s work. If you’re skilled at what you do, you can eventually land a paying gig so you can make some money in your spare time.





  • earning credits


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • <15 minutes

6. Fiverr

(from $5/hour)

Proofreading Jobs On Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers. As the name suggests, all services start at $5. At the moment, there are over 3 million services listed on Fiverr, including online proofreading services.

In order to find jobs on Fiverr, you have to be better than your competition.

Let me elaborate on this.

People who need to have a document proofread will type phrases such as “Proofreading,” “English Proofreader,” or “Proofreader” in Fiverr’s search bar.

If you do the same, you can analyze the sellers who come up first and try to create a similar or better profile than they did. You can also take a more custom approach.

First, decide what content you want to proofread. As I have mentioned before, you can proofread content such as blogs, e-books, articles, and other written forms.

If, for example, you want to proofread blogs, that means that you will likely compete with other freelancers found under the “Blog proofreader” keyword. Whatever your proofreading preference, enter the relevant keywords into Fiverr’s search bar to discover your competition.

Next, analyze at least the first 10 proofreaders and make a note of their titles, the services they offer, prices, gig descriptions, images, and deliveries. Also, read the reviews and familiarize yourself with what people like about each of these proofreaders.

Take the best pieces from each profile and create your own. Simple, but keep in mind that reviews play a vital role in Fiverr’s algorithm. As such, here is what you need to do:

Offer additional services at no extra cost for at least a month in order to get your first reviews. Doing so should leave people amazed by the price you charge and naturally more inclined to leave a review.

In short, exceed customer expectations! Once you garner a similar amount of reviews as your competition, you can increase your prices!

How much can you make as a proofreader on Fiverr?

You can offer service starting from $5. Under Proofreading Gigs, for example, you can ask for up to $200 to proofread a book, but Fiverr takes a 20% commission.

Sign up with Fiverr to start earning money as a proofreader.


Fiverr is a frelancer online marketplace where you can get paid to proofread. With the platform, you’ll have to make yourself a profile and wait to connect with clients that have paid copyediting jobs. All Fiverr jobs start at $5, but as you gain experience, you can start charging more.





  • from $5/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • <15 minutes

7. Cactus

(from $25/hour)

Proofreading Jobs On Cactus

Cactus Communications provides top-notch English writing services for specialized fields. To get accepted by them, you’ll likely need a bachelor’s degree, but there are opportunities if you have the background.

The company is located in India, so
you may have to deal with some time zone and cultural differences. However,
Flexjobs considers it an excellent place to do remote work.

Join Cactus Communications


Cactus is a good place to find legitimate proofreading jobs online. The site provides English language editing services and requires that you have at least a bachelor’s degree to work for them. If you’re lucky enough to work for Cactus, you’ll get to edit cutting-edge scientific articles.





  • from $25/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • 15 – 60 minutes

8. Managed Editing

(from $30/hour)

Managed Editing Proofreading Jobs Online

Managed Editing, also known as Wordfirm Inc., provides copyediting and proofreading services to non-profits, government agencies, and publishers. The types of projects can range from simple flyers to multi-volume book projects.

They have a pretty extensive
application, so read it over carefully before applying! If you have experience
with a style manual, that will be a bonus.

Fill out the application at Managed Editing


Managed Editing is an editing service for government agencies, non-profits, and publishers around the world. They offer a wide range of different job types for expeirenced proofreaders who have expeirence working in the writing industry. Plus, they pay at least $30 an hour, so they’re one of the most coveted gigs in the industry.





  • from $30/hour


  • 400+ hours

    Application process

  • 60+ minutes

9. Upwork


How to find proofreading jobs on Upwork

Upwork is the largest online freelancing platform. As a result, there are lots of people looking for proofreading services on it.

Upwork is slightly different than Fiverr because you may find clients willing to offer you long-term jobs instead of one-off gigs.

First of all, you need to open an account on Upwork. While completing the application, you will be asked to fill in details such as your work history and skills as well as upload pictures and things of that nature.

Instead of guiding you step-by-step through setting up a profile, I will point out the most important parts of being successful on Upwork.

The end goal is to obtain invites from the Upwork “buyers” and chose the projects you want to work on.

It all boils down to this…

Professional Title

Create a profile title that concentrates on clients’ benefits. Instead of using a title such as “Experienced Proofreader” or “Professional Proofreader,” focus on what the client needs.

Typically, they are looking to save time or earn more money, so how can you help them to achieve this?

Some examples:

  • Fast, Affordable, & Professional Proofreader. Results in 24 Hours!
  • Proofreader – COST Efficient | FREE Revisions | FREE Sample

Doesn’t that sound better?

Profile Overview

An overview should help clients decide if they want to hire you. Again, put yourself in their shoes when reading your profile. You want to convince them that you can solve the biggest problems they have in terms of their proofreading projects.

Once they recognize that you cure their pain, you have a project or even a long-term job. Here are some ideas for your overview:

  • How fast can you deliver the finished product?
  • Have you taken any courses or tests that will help you get the job done?
  • What will happen if the client is not happy? For instance, will you make unlimited adjustments?
  • How will you make sure that no mistakes are made? Maybe you can suggest which tools you will use to ensure that there are no mistakes (don’t name what they are, just say what they do).


Your portfolio can show if you are a good fit for a job. Essentially, clients want to see content in your portfolio which is similar to the work they want proofread.

If you do not have much experience, set a low hourly rate so more clients will hire you.

Doing so will allow you to build a diverse portfolio. In addition, I suggest that you hire some top proofreaders on Upwork yourself in order to see how they proofread projects.

Here’s why that’s important.

You will be able to reflect on their notes and comments or any other additional value they offer to strengthen your own portfolio.

How much can you make as a proofreader on Upwork?

You can easily start at $10 an hour, and, with some experience, this hourly rate can grow to $50.

*Note that Upwork has 5% to 20% commissions, depending on your lifetime billings.

Just make sure that you never argue with your clients and always complete what they have asked you to do. Doing so should result in positive feedback, which will ultimately lead to better hourly rates and more clients.

Go to Upwork now to start earning money as a proofreader.


Upwork is a global freelancing platform where you can find paid gigs in a variety of industries. There are thousands of proofreading jobs posted on the site each day. You’ll need to create a profile to showcase your skills to find proofreading jobs, but you can set your rates and work whenever you’re available.





  • $10-$50/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • <15 minutes

10. OneSpace Freelancers

(from $20/hour)

OneSpace Freelancers Proofreading Jobs Offers

Do you like helping businesses sell their products? OneSpace helps companies create content for businesses like product descriptions and content marketing pieces. This means they need proofreaders and editors!

If you have a background in small business
or accounting writing, especially in non-US countries, they’re looking for
someone like you.

Work with OneSpace Freelancers


OneSpace is a content creating company that’s designed to help businesses attract clients. They are always in need of proofreaders, so it’s a great copy editing job for people with a variety of backgrounds, but particularly for people interested in small businesses or accounting.





  • from $20/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • 15 – 60 minutes

11. Domainite

(from $5/hour)

Proofreading Job On Domainite

If you’ve been rejected by a lot of the sites on this list, there are places with much wider requirements. Domainite is an example.

Some proofreaders do get their initial experience working for content mills like this, but there’s a big downside. The pay is really low and you’ll have to edit a lot to make minimum wage. But if you’re just looking for experience and beer money, it’s an option!

Fill out the application at Domainite


Domianite is a content mill, so they don’t pay a lot for proofreader jobs. But, if you’re struggling to get hired for remote editing jobs, this might be a good place to start. With Domainite, you won’t get paid a lot, but you’ll be able to build up your resume and experience so you can land better paying gigs in the future.





  • from $5/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • <15 minutes

12. Clickworker

(from $9/hour)

Clickworker For Proofreaders

Clickworker is a site that crowdsources independent contractors for their help in various projects. These projects do include proofreading and they have a whole division for proofreaders.

This is an excellent site to get some experience before trying some of the others. However, how much you can make depends on how many jobs are on the site at the time. No jobs, no work!

Apply for Clickworker proofreader position


Clickworker is a good place to land legitimate proofreading jobs online if you don’t have a lot of experience. The site crowdsources independent contractors that can provide services for a variety of different tasks. You can set your rates, but you can only work when there are projects available.





  • from $9/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • <15 minutes

13. FlexJobs

(from $22/hour)

How to do Proofreading Online

FlexJobs is a dedicated platform for part-time, remote, and freelance job listings.

Each company that posts on FlexJobs has been hand-screened and curated, meaning that FlexJobs ensures that every position it lists has flexible working options and is legitimate.

Flexjobs has a dedicated category for Proofreaders. Within this category, you can filter jobs by “Only remote jobs,” “Only freelance jobs,” “Only flexible schedule jobs,” and more.

But there’s a catch. If you want to apply for a job you see, you must subscribe to FlexJobs.

And it’s not free. At the moment, there are three plans:

  • $14.95 for 1 month
  • $29.95 for 3 months
  • $49.95 for 12 months

What do you get for a subscription to FlexJobs?

  • Unlimited access to all jobs
  • Free skills testing
  • Email alerts once new jobs are posted
  • Expert job search tips and resources
  • A profile so employers can find you

The best idea would be to try the service for a month and apply for each position you find. If, for any reason, you are not happy with the jobs you find listed, simply send an email to FlexJobs Support within the first 30 days for a full refund.

How much can you make as a proofreader on FlexJobs?

Jobs pay $22 per hour or more.


FlexJobs is a freelancer platform that connects contract workers with paid gigs. With FlexJobs, members have access to pre-screened remote editing jobs. However, you have to pay to join FlexJobs, so it’s only worth joining if you’re able to actually find a job on the site.





  • from $22/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • <15 minutes

14. Scribendi

(from $20/hour)

Is Scribendi Legit

Scribendi does proofreading and editing services for English documents. Their team has edited nearly two billion words since they opened in 1997, so there’s plenty of work!

But to work for them, you have to qualify. They combine their editing and proofreading job descriptions into one thing. Try for proofreading, but you never know. You might qualify as an editor too!

Apply for Scribendi Proofreader Positions


Scribendi is an English-language proofreading service that hires independent contractors for proofreader jobs. You need to qualify to work for Scribendi, so it’s not a good place for people that need entry level editing jobs. But, the site pays well for experienced editors.





  • from $20/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • 15 – 60 minutes

15. WordsRU

(from $30/hour )

Is WordsRU Legit

WordsRU performs editing and proofreading services for a wide range of writing, from academics to business, to fiction and non-fiction book authors. Plenty of things to choose from!

Unfortunately, they do prefer people with at least a Master’s degree and two years of professional experience with editing, copyediting, or proofreading. But if you have the background, you can give it a shot!

Read through the applicant requirements on WordsRU

If you like what you see and can meet the requirements, send a CV or resume and a cover letter to jobs@wordsru.com


WordsRU provides quality proofreading services to businesses in a variety of industries. Toapply, you need at least two years of experience and, preferrably, a Master’s degree. But, if you land the job, you can get paid well to proofread books, web content, and more.





  • from $30/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • 15 – 60 minutes

16. Writer’s Relief

(from $25/hour)

Proofreading Jobs On Writers Relief

Writer’s Relief helps authors get their writing sharp and well-marketed, including web design services for authors, guidance on self-publishing, and, of course, proofreading. They also have a ton of tips for new authors who want to make a splash in the market.

They’re looking for proofreaders too. Here’s how you can apply for a position. Unlike a lot of other sites on this list, the process is simple.

Become a Proofreader with Writer’s Relief


Writer’s Relief is designed to help authors fine-tune their projects. Proofreaders can apply for editing jobs in just a few minutes. Plus, proofreaders with Writer’s Relief can work from anywhere in the world at great rates.





  • from $25/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • 15 – 60 minutes

17. Scribbr


Best Proofreading Job Onliine

Scribbr is a proofreading service designed to provide fast service, especially for those on a tight deadline. It may be a good choice for you if you prefer academic work such as essays, theses, and dissertations over blog or articles.

Scribbr appears to be hiring most of the time. In order to get a job, you need to go through a 3-step application process. First, they will ask you to fill in some details about yourself and answer 10 test questions such as this one:

Question: “In the passage below, which punctuation marks are used incorrectly?

The quality of these determinants stems from national institutions. According to Lee (1999), institutional development, formal or informal, drives growth. It aligns incentives for private and social returns, affecting trade and growth-enhancing policy. Others have examined long-term effects, those of colonialism, which include: impacts on current institutional settings and economic growth. (Zhang 2001). Despite instructional development’s benefits, developing countries enjoy institutionally-embedded norms. We ask; are these determinants diverse? “

Possible answers, of which you can choose as many as you like, are:

  1. Comma
  2. Colon
  3. Semicolon
  4. Hyphen
  5. Period
  6. Question mark
  7. Apostrophe

Next, you will have to edit a text according to Scribbr’s style guide.

In that assignment, you will be asked to correct language issues and provide feedback on how a student can improve his or her future work.

Finally, if you pass the first two tests, you will be given access to the Scribbr Academy, where you will be asked to complete 2 to 5 simulation orders in three days.

Here it comes…

Upon successful completion, you will receive a 175 Euro bonus and join the Scribbr Editor team!


How much can you make as a proofreader on Scribbr?

According to Scribbr, you can expect to earn approximately €20 to €25 per hour (around $22 to $28 per hour) as a Scribbr editor. Scribbr pays in Euros because the company is based in Amsterdam.


Scribbr is the perfect website for deadline-driven freelancers that can stick to fast turn-around times. They have a fairly detailed application process, but if you can pass their test, you can get access to quality proofreading gigs around the world.





  • $22-$28/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • 60+ minutes

18. Guru

(from $20/hour)

Guru.com proofreading

Guru is another general freelancing platform like Upwork or Freelancer. If you’re already swimming in those waters, adding Guru into the mix could give you more opportunities.

Be sure not to pay too much in fees though. Guru takes a smaller percentage from each job but you may be making up for it in other costs. It can range from 5-9%, which is much less than Upwork’s current 20%. See this chart for more details on the fees.

Apply for Proofreading job on Guru


Guru is a freelancer market place that connects independent contractors with paid gigs. It is similar to Upwork but charges lower fees. While you can set your rates on Guru, you’ll need to apply for jobs as they come available, so it can be tricky to gain traction on the site.





  • from $20/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • <15 minutes

19. Book Editing Associates


Proofreding Online Jobs On Book Editing Associates

Books need proofreaders too, and Book Editing Associates is looking for proofreaders in the Christian, New Age, Children’s, Paranormal Romance, and other genres.

Unfortunately, this is a company that does require past experience and they want workers who apply to take tests and commit to a year’s contract with them. Worth it if you want experience proofing this kind of writing, but not so good if you’re looking for the freedom that comes with no commitments.

Join Book Editing Associates


If you have a passion for books, a job with Book Editing Associates might be what you’re looking for. The company hires experienced proofreaders to edit their books quickly and efficiently. It’s also ideal for people who want long-term work, as they usually require a one year contract commitment.





  • $25-$35/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • 15 – 60 minutes

20. AJE


Is AJE Proofreadinf Jobs Legit

Are you enrolled in a graduate program or have a graduate degree from a top university but have been unable to find a job placement? You might be able to find a contract doing proofreading academic writing at American Journal Experts.

The qualifications are strict, but if you meet them you can give it a go and get some good experience!

Check if any positions available at the moment


AJE offers paid remote editing jobs for graduate students and early-career professionals that are interested in proofreading academic articles. AJE’s qualifications are strict, but they’re a great way to get your foot in the door in the world of academic literature.





  • $11-$25/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • 60+ minutes

21. Gramlee


Text Editing Jobs Online

Gramlee is a copy editing service with an extremely fast 24-hour turnaround service for up to 3000 words. If you work for them, you will be asked to meet this deadline.

How to get a job with Gramlee?

Gramlee’s website states that they receive hundreds of applications each week and that if they like your application, they will be in touch with you. As is true of most proofreading services, you will have to answer questions about your qualifications and experience on the short Gramlee employment application.

In short, Gramlee wants to know if you ever worked as an editor, if you have a college degree in English, journalism, or creative writing, and what writing styles you are familiar with.

The interesting part is that there are some tricky questions.

Here is one of them:

  • What is your “unfair advantage” that makes you an outstanding candidate? *

Interesting answers may help you to differentiate yourself from the other applicants.

How much can you make as a proofreader on Gramlee?

Gramlee does not disclose exactly how much you can earn by working with them. But we make an educated guess. They charge clients $0.03 per word for 3000 words or about $90 per project.

You may need a few hours to complete the work, so I would say the pay may be around $10-$15 per hour.


Gramlee is perfect for anyone that can stick to deadlines and fast turnaround times. If you work for Gramlee, you’ll have just 24 hours to complete editing projects up to 3,000 words. But, you can really maximize your earnings on the site if you’re an efficient worker.





  • $10-$15/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • 60+ minutes

22. Freelancer

(from $20/hour)

Is Freelancer.com worth it

Freelancer is a site similar to Upwork. It is a major freelancing platform that connects proofreaders (and other professions) with clients.

If you need experience, or Upwork denied your application, this is a good platform to use. It’s also good for those who want short-term and low-priced hourly projects.

Here is how it works:

– Create a profile on Freelancer
– Select the proofreading jobs to see the listings
– Choose clients that have good feedback scores, verified payment methods, and a job within your skillset.
– Make a bid, do the work, and get paid!


Freelancer is a gig job marketplace where you can apply for a variety of jobs that suit your talents. While the jobs on Freelancer generally don’t pay very well, working through the platform is a good way to build up a base of experience so you can qualify for other opportunities.





  • from $20/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • <15 minutes

23. Kibin

(from $20/hour)

Find Online Proofreading Job on Kibin

Did you like writing essays in college? Do you like honing thesis statements? Kibin provides essay proofreading services to students who need help polishing up their work.

Their pay scale is a little wonky. It depends on the amount you’ve worked, the project, and the turnaround time. This Quora post goes into some detail, but the gist is that as you prove yourself to Kibin you’ll gain levels that raise your rates, plus you get higher rates if the customer demands a rush job or if they submit small documents. The expectation at Kibin is that you’ll proofread at 1,500 words/hour minimum.

Start work as a proofreader with Kibin


Kibin is an academically-focused proofreading service that highers freelance editors to fine-tune university assignments. Their payscale varies by experience, but the more you work on the site, the more you can earn.





  • from $20/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • <15 minutes

24. Indeed

(from $20/hour)

Indeed.com online proofreading jobs

Indeed can be a source for longer-term gigs, especially if you have experience.

Brush up your resume and samples before applying, and take your time to vet companies before applying.

Find proofreading jobs on Indeed


Indeed is a global resource for job searches. While Indeed doesn’t specialize in proofreading jobs, they list hundreds of thousands of opportunities on their site, so it can be a good place to start if you’re looking for a long-term gig.





  • from $20/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • 15 – 60 minutes

25. Edit 911

(from $10/page)

Edit 911 Proofreading Works

This site leans more toward editing, but they do proofreading services as well. However, their entry requirements are quite high. Edit 911 requires you to have a Ph.D. in English or another writing-intensive discipline.

Their focus is on dissertation, thesis, and
book correction. You’d be surprised at the number of scholars who have poor
English skills. This type of proofreading is not for beginners, but it’s a
great specialty that can command a lot of money!

Apply at employment@edit911.com


Edit911 offers proofreading and editing jobs for remote workers. However, it’s very difficult to get a job with the company as you need a Ph.D. in English or a similar discipline. Most of the jobs on Edit911 are dissertation-focused, so it’s best for people who are interested in academia.





  • from $10/page


  • 400+ hours

    Application process

  • 60+ minutes

26. Wordvice

(from $15/hour)

Wordvice Online Proofreading Services

Wordvice provides premier proofreading and editing services. Most of their jobs are in the academic, government, and business fields.

While they do prefer to hire people who have both proofreading and editing experience, you may be able to get a straight proofreading job if you know a foreign language. Check out their job listings and see what’s available!

Wordvice Career page


Wordvice has plenty of proofreader and editor jobs for remote workers. In general, the site prefers applicants with experience. But, if you speak another language, you might find that you can quickly land a gig as a proofreader with Wordvice.





  • from $15/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • 15 – 60 minutes

27. Edit Fast

(from $30/hour)

Edit Fast Proofreading Jobs

Edit Fast is a job board for proofreaders, copy editors, and many other writing professionals. The site may look a little low-tech, but there are thousands of jobs on the site.

This is a freelancing site, so it
will help to have experience with doing that so you can set the right rates.
You’ll also have to go through several tests and go through their resume
builder and web page builder.

Click here to apply for Edit Fast


If you can edit quickly and efficiently, Edit Fast might be for you. This site is a job board that hosts thousands of proofreading and editing jobs so it’s great for people who want to set their own rates. To get started, though, you have to complete quite a few tests to see if you qualify.





  • from $30/hour


  • 400+ hours

    Application process

  • 60+ minutes

28. Scribe Media

(from $20/hour)

Scribe Media For Proofreaders

Scribe Media believes that everyone should write and publish their own book. To help people with that, they provide several kinds of assistance programs through their site.

They sometimes have openings for
proofreaders, but it depends on their needs at the time. Fortunately, it’s easy
to check.

Check Scribe Media Available Positions


Scribe Media is a proofreading company for self-publishing authors. The site regularly posts jobs for remote editors and proofreaders to help authors fine-tune their masterpieces. To land a job on Scribe Media, you’ll have to check their open positions on a regular basis.





  • from $20/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • 15 – 60 minutes

29. Kirkus Media

(from $20/hour)

Online Jobs For Proofreaders On Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media is a book promotion, review, and editing site. They help independent authors get their books up to par before publication, then get them noticed so they can grow an audience.

Kirkus Media is an established name
in the book review field. They’ve been in business for more than 85 years.
Someone has to proof their work! Maybe they have an opening for you?

Kirkus Media available openings


Kirkus Media promotes, reviews, and edits books for independent authors. They often hire proofreaders to give books a final check to ensure they’re ready for publication. They don’t always have open positions, but it’s worth checking to see what’s available.





  • from $20/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • 15 – 60 minutes

30. Wordy

(from $30/hour)

Online Jobs For Proofreaders On Wordy

Wordy is an online proofreading and copy-editing services website that works with 56 different subject fields. Some pretty heavy-hitters have used their services, including major newspapers.

Unfortunately, they’re revamping
their platform with an expected opening date of Q1 2020. Check back on this
site in a few months to see how it will work.

Wordy Careers page


Wordy is a copy editing and proofreading service that hires freelancers for short gigs. They offer jobs in 56 different subjects, so there’s something for everyone on the site. However, Wordy isn’t always hiring, so you’ll want to check in frequently to see if they have any available gigs.





  • from $30/hour


  • 40 – 400 Hours

    Application process

  • 15 – 60 minutes

So, are you ready to start your career as a freelance proofreader?

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Is a Rent to Own Home The Best Option for You? Pros & Cons

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Saving the down payment to buy your own home is hard. Just when you think you’re getting there, home prices rise – and you need to save even harder. You’re in a cycle of never-ending saving.

According to Zillow, the average home price in the United States is $243,225 (November 2019). This means you’ll need to find more than $17,000 as a down payment – and this is based on the average down payment of 7% of the purchase price (NerdWallet, September 2019). Zillow predicts that house prices will rise by 2.2% over the next 12 months – your dream home is galloping away over the horizon.

There is another way to own your own home. A rent to own home could be the answer to your homeowning dream. Let me explain how it works, and all you need to know before you sign contracts on a rent to own home.

What Is a Rent to Own Home?

When you rent to own a home, you rent your home for a period agreed with you landlord – as you would with an ordinary rental agreement. However, as part of the agreement, you agree to buy the home at or by the end of your rental period for a known price. While you are renting, part of your rental payment goes toward the agreed sale price of the home.

How Do Rent to Own Homes Work?

How Do Rent to Own Homes Work

You want to get on the property ladder, but as home prices keep rising just as rapidly as the cost of living, it is getting increasingly hard to save a down payment. The money you spend on rent is lining your landlord’s pocket, when it could be helping to build you wealth through homeownership.

According to a Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University study, those who went from renting to owning between 1999 and 2013 enjoyed a median gain in household wealth of $85,400.

You can move from renting to owning faster with a rent to own home. Here’s how it works:

  • You commit to renting the home for a specific period. Usually this is between one and five years. During this time, you are the tenant of the landlord, and your obligations as a tenant remain.
  • However, as part of the rental agreement you have an agreement to buy the home at the end of the rental period. Some rent to own home contracts may let you buy the home earlier.
  • The rent to own home agreement will state the purchase price, or detail how the purchase price will be determined at the end of the lease. Most rent to own home buyers prefer to lock in the purchase price at the start of the agreement.
  • While you are renting, part of your rental payment goes toward the purchase price. This effectively acts as your down payment when you come to purchase the home – though it also means you will pay a higher rent.
  • As part of the rent to own home contract, you usually pay upfront and non-fundable fees.
  • The agreement will lay down the landlord and tenant responsibilities – this may include that you are responsible for maintenance and repairs during the lease, instead of the landlord.

You should ensure that you understand your maintenance and repair obligations. There is a big difference between decorating and mowing the lawn and replacing a leaking roof.

You must also ensure that you understand which type of rent to own home contract you are signing. There are two types of rent to own home agreements:

A lease option contract gives you the right to buy the home when the lease expires. However, you don’t have to. If you decide for whatever reason not to buy the home, you can ‘walk away’ from the agreement. You will, of course, lose your non-refundable fees, and the extra rent you’d have paid toward the purchase price will not be returned either.

A lease purchase contract means you are legally obligated to buy the home when the lease expires. This obligation is irrespective of whether the home has decreased in value and could also mean you are forced to buy the home even if you cannot afford to do so.

Rent to Own Home Pros and Cons

Rent to Own Home Pros and Cons

Before entering into a rent to own home agreement, you will want to assess if it is right for you. Here are the pros and cons of rent to own homes.


Good for those with no credit

If you have no credit or bad credit, the rent to own agreement gives you time to rebuild you credit score. This will make it easier to get a mortgage when the rent to own lease expires. However, you should remember that you will be paying more to rent – it may make better sense to rent an apartment (we’ve written an article discussing how to get an apartment with no credit history to help you).

You can lock in the purchase price

Locking in the home price gives you peace of mind. You know that the home price won’t continually move further from your ability to buy. With a lease option agreement, you can back out of the deal if the home’s value falls below the agreed purchase price, should you wish to.

You get to try before you buy

A rent to own home agreement lets you learn about the property and the area before you fully commit to buying it. You’ll known whether there are transport issues, bad neighbors, or problems with the property itself before you make a purchase that might otherwise be a mistake.

You create equity in the rent to own home

The rental payments you make help you build equity in the home, which is used toward your eventual purchase price. Over a few years, this equity can be substantial.

Live in the home immediately and not move so often

You could live in an area that you desire, in a home you’d like to buy, without the threat of needing to move at the end of a year-long lease. We all know how much moving costs – money that you could save to building an even bigger down payment (especially if you combine with strategies to drastically cut your expenses).


There are no refunds

The extra rent you pay, and any upfront fees, will be forfeited if you pull out of the purchase. You should negotiate an option payment as small as possible to reduce the potential financial loss.

You are gambling on the final purchase price

The property’s purchase price will usually be higher than the current price – by how much is open to negotiation. You should be sure that the purchase price is acceptable to you before signing the agreement.

You have less control over the rent to own home

The property’s owner (your landlord) is still in control of the property. They are paying the existing mortgage and are usually responsible for making major repairs. Your agreement should consider what happens if the landlord stops making mortgage payments, and should clearly stipulate the landlord’s responsibilities and how they must discharge them.

Potential financial loss if home prices fall

There is no guarantee that the purchase price will be at or below the market price when the lease agreement expires. You may need to decide whether to forfeit the money you have paid to date toward the purchase of your home or purchase at a high price that could take years to recoup.

Most lenders won’t lend more than the market value on a home, so if home values have fallen you may need to find other ways to raise the extra cash to buy the rent to own home.

If you make a late rent payment, you could lose the option to buy

It is likely that your rent to own home agreement includes the obligation to keep up to date with your rent payments and other obligations in your lease agreement. If you don’t, you could lose the option to buy. Making a budget and sticking to it is an essential money management skill to ensure you don’t miss any critical payment dates. Automating rental payments is a good tactic to use, but you must ensure that there is enough money in your bank account to cover the payment.

There may be hidden problems with the property

There is the potential that there are problems with the property that you cannot initially see. You have a title search done before agreeing to a rent to own home contract. A survey should also ensure that you don’t have any unsuspected maintenance and repair issues to tackle.

How to Find a Rent to Own Home

How to Find a Rent to Own Home

Finding an owner who is willing to enter a rent to own agreement can be difficult. Often, rent to own home contracts are offered by sellers who are finding it hard to sell. Willingness to enter into a rent to own home agreement widens the net of potential buyers. Potential sellers also earn an income (rent) from the lease, which they can use to fund existing mortgage payments.

A good place to start looking for possible rent to own homes is online sites such as Zumper. This is a property rental site that allows you to search in your desired area for rental properties. This will give you a good idea as to the homes available and their rental prices. You may also contact landlords and enquire if they would consider rent to own tenants.

Other sites such as HousingList and RentToOwnLabs allow you to search for homes that can be offered as rent to own agreements.

However, for the best deals and the best prices, foreclosure.com has some of the best listings available. They are the nation’s expert in the foreclosure market, where some of the best home prices are to be found. All their rent to own listings are valid. Their team will walk you through the process, and ensure that the home is a valid rent to own property

Is a Rent to Own Home the Best Choice for You?

Before entering a rent to own home agreement, you must make sure it is right for you. Consider questions like:

  • Will you qualify for a mortgage at the end of the lease? You should have a plan to improve your credit rating and pay off existing debt during the term of the lease.
  • Will the home be right for you at the end of the lease? It may be the perfect home today, but how might your circumstances change in the next few years? If there’s a likelihood you’ll need to relocate for work, or if you plan to have children, will it still be the right home for you?
  • Can you afford a higher rent? The rental payments will be higher. This helps to reduce the cost of purchase (acting as a down payment), but if you miss a rent payment, your rent to own home contract could be ripped up – and you’ll lose all the money you have paid to date.

A rent to own home can give you the time to build your finances and credit, and lock in a price on a home that you love. However, you must have the right approach and remain disciplined with your money management if you plan to rent to own. You will then be able to benefit from the many advantages of rent to own, and reduce the risks posed by the disadvantages.

If you are considering rent to own, start by searching the rent to own homes listed on Foreclosure – set up alerts on the system to keep you informed as soon as new rent to own home listings become available in your desired location.

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10 Practical Tips How to Pay for a Wedding on a Budget

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10 Ways How To Pay For a Wedding On A Budget

“It is a truth universally acknowledged” that every bride and groom in possession of engagement promises must be in want of ways to make their wedding actually affordable.

While Jane Austen’s novels always end in marriage, we rarely see her characters get their bonnets in a bunch over wedding costs.

By contrast, 74% of couples today will take on debt to get married.

Sure, you may have found your Lizzie Bennet or Mr. Darcy, but you probably don’t have “a large fortune” to pay for an extravagant regency-style wedding.

Thankfully, this guide will teach you how to pay for a wedding on a budget, and declare your love for each other without declaring bankruptcy to pay for it.

Here are 10 tips to help you start your life together in the green.

Tips How to Pay for a Wedding:

1. Borrowing from your parents (and why you shouldn’t do it)

Let’s get the most obvious answer out of the way first. The most common answer to the question of how to pay for a wedding has long been asking your parents to foot the bill. But, as Austen’s novels point out time and again, money and family just don’t mix, especially around the topic of marriage.

For one thing, monetary independence is personal independence. The sexism of patriarchs paying grooms to wed their daughters on “the marriage market” was a target of Austen’s when she wrote, and is, today, an entirely antiquated approach. You don’t want your parents’ money controlling your marriage or your lifestyle choices.

Aside from establishing personal independence, asking your parents to pay for such a large expense can sour your relationship with them. While the average cost of a wedding varies from state to state, according to The Knot, it can range anywhere from $15K to $33K.

Asking anyone to pay that much for your “I do’s” will naturally lead to them saying, “we won’t.”

2. Favors and favorability

Wedding favors are a mainstay of many weddings—but should they be? On the one hand, they’re a lovely way of thanking guests for attending your celebration. On the other hand, according to The Knot, that can quickly add up to between $200 and $500.

Nixing these little items can save lots of money for bigger and better elements of your wedding.

If you do want to keep them, coupons from sites such as Groupon can help you save big with deals on favors and other items for your wedding.

3. Shrinking gargantuan guest lists

How do those little favors end up costing so much? Part of the answer lies in the huge guest lists we so often see at modern weddings. As Moneywise points out, even if you spend just $2 per favor, with a guest list in the hundreds, the price of furnishing them skyrockets.

The same idea applies to almost every other element of your wedding, as well. Inviting hundreds of guests means seating and serving them all, which means renting more tables and chairs, ordering more food, and perhaps springing for a bigger venue.

When assembling your guest list, ask yourself—is that friend of a friend’s second-cousin you met that one time at your sister’s party really worth inviting? Or, to put it another way, is that person crucial enough to your life that you are willing to take on debt to invite them?

4. Should You “say yes to the dress?”

Most of us have this image of our weddings as the perfect romantic fantasy, and shows like Say Yes to the Dress feed right into that sense of escapism. That said, the affordability of that fantasy is perhaps its most impossibly fantastic element.

According to Wedding Wire, the average cost of a wedding dress is $1000. Some of the most expensive gowns can top $1600. And that’s before you factor in bridesmaids’ dresses which, according to The Spruce, can range from $150 for the dress alone to a whopping $500 with hair, shoes, and accessories.

Lest we only pick on the ladies, tuxedos for grooms and groomsmen can add up quickly as well.

The Simple Dollar recommends purchasing groom tuxedos in a group package for discounts and having bridesmaids pick a dress they already own that matches the wedding’s color theme to save on costs.

Now, let’s make something clear – there’s nothing wrong with having a keen fashion sense, or wanting to look and feel your best on your big day. That said, if a wedding dress you’ll (hopefully) only wear once costs more than a round trip flight from LA to London, that may be a bit much for a “budget” wedding.

Why not save that money and go to London or somewhere else you love for your honeymoon instead? Why not save it for other costs supporting your wedding, or to help you start your married life together?

5. Of petals and prices

Chances are you won’t be cutting out the bridal bouquet, but you may want to consider pruning away some other pricey wedding petals.

“But what about the flower girls? They’ll look so cute!”

They’re flower girls. They’ll look cute no matter what.

By cutting professionally-picked wedding petals and not including them in your wedding or passing on a few baskets’ worth of flower petals for the flower girls, you can save another couple hundred dollars.

6. Venues, Peerspace, credit cards, and discounts

We’ve been slashing costs throughout this list, and that’s partly because, as Brides.com points out, you can throw together an immaculate wedding for as little as $10,000 using proper budgeting and taking advantage of deals. As they point out, venues are the biggest cost that most engaged couples face.

In looking at how to pay for a $10,000 wedding, sites such as Peerspace can help immensely.

Peerspace is a venue renting service that allows you to search, compare, and rent out high-quality venues for weddings, business meetings, seminars, and other events at low rates.

With Peerspace’s game-changing features, you can:

  • Browse venues across the world
  • Compare prices
  • Connect and negotiate directly with hosts
  • Book your venue with a few simple clicks

You will want to be aware of potential credit card limitations when searching for venues, as some vendors do not accept credit cards. What’s more, when it comes to collecting wedding benefits, not all credit cards are created equal.

According to CardRates.com, these credit cards are the best for wedding expenses:

  • Chase Freedom
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • Capital One Savor
  • Capital One VentureOne
  • Discover It

7. Timing is everything

Getting married at the most popular times of the year will cost you more. Spring and autumn are the most popular seasons during which to get married, and between Valentine’s Day and the holidays with the most scenic snow, you can throw February and December in there as well.

As per BrideBox, that leaves “January, March, April, and November” as the most affordable months wedding planning-wise.

8. Wedding planners’ real plan

Speaking of wedding planners—ditch them. They can cost a ton on their own, and, while there are plenty of good ones out there, less than scrupulous wedding planners with ties within the industry can talk you into spending way more than you want or need.

Instead, plan your own wedding. While that may seem daunting, it will save you a ton of money, and since you’re cutting costs and items already, there will be less to plan anyway. That won’t make wedding planning easy, but it will, at least, make it far more affordable.

9. Cut a rug (and costs) by doing the (side) hustle

Maybe you’ve followed some or all of these pieces of wedding advice, but still find yourself coming up short. If so, you might want to consider cutting back temporarily on luxury expenditures such as new clothes, cars, and vacations so as to save that money for your wedding.

If you’re thinking of how you can get money to pay for a wedding, you might want to consider taking on a little “side hustle.” Doing freelance work that suits your skills can help you earn a little extra cash to make your wedding more affordable.

According to BrideChilla, freelancing sites such as Upwork can help you afford weddings upfront or pay off credit card debt.

10. Call on your friends

When all else fails, you can always count on your friends to help you cut costs and make your wedding more affordable. One of the best ways of reducing wedding costs is by asking for favors rather than wedding gifts.

Do you have a friend who’s particularly good at arts and crafts? Maybe they can help you design some of your invitations and decorations.

Do you have a friend who’s an absolute whiz at doing hair? Maybe you can cut out an expensive bridal stylist and have them do your hair instead.

Do you have friends who are singers or musicians? Maybe they can play at your wedding and during the reception.

Calling on your friends for wedding favors has the added benefit of making the whole thing feel less like an over-planned, overpriced event and more like a communal celebration.

Afford Your Wedding

As Polonius bids Laertes farewell in Hamlet, he gives him many famous pieces of advice, among which is to be “rich, not gaudy,” which is a pretty good tip when it comes to how to save for a wedding.

Many of the cost-cutting measures listed above involve cutting out gaudy, potentially showoff-ish extravagances in favor of what matters most to you and your guests.

It’s true in Austen as well.

Having the Sense and Sensibility to cut wedding costs effectively can make the whole affair more affordable and enriching by allowing you to focus on what really matters—Love and Friendship.

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Budgeting 101: How to Make a Budget from Scratch

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Guide How To Budget Successfuly

Budgeting is an essential skill that will help you plan your spending and meet your financial goals.

While budgeting may seem complicated at first, it’s easy to get the hang of if you dedicate time to it.

Developing a personalized budget can also help you pay down debt and save for major purchases.

If you like numbers, then budgeting can be fun! Thankfully, there are plenty of tools and resources to help you get started on the right track. And if you don’t love math, there are apps available that can crunch the numbers for you.

Let’s dive in and find out how to make a budget on your own.

Why Should You Make a Budget?

Reasons To Make a Budget

1. Save Money

The most obvious reason to set up a budget is so that you can save money to put towards your goals. Budgeting can help you save for an emergency fund, debt repayment, or major purchases.

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2. Reduce Overspending

Creating a budget and tracking your monthly expenses can help you identify areas where you may be overspending. If you don’t follow your expenses, it can be tough to understand where your money goes each month.

3. Accelerate Financial Goals

We all have financial goals that we would like to attain, like buying a house or saving for retirement. If you want to get a head start or make up for lost time, making a budget can be a great way to get on track. Budgeting is an essential first step in being able to meet your goals.

4. Get out of Debt

Many of us are faced with significant debt, often in the form of student loans, car payments, and credit card debt. Budgeting is a great strategy to use if you really want to get serious about debt repayment. With efficient budgeting, you may be able to free up funds that will help you pay down debt faster.

5. Prepare for Emergencies

Creating a budget can also help you set aside money to start an emergency fund. Even if you have to start small, putting aside money each month into a separate savings account will give you a buffer if an unexpected or major expense comes up.

6. Live a Happy Life

Monthly budgeting can also give you a more satisfying relationship with money. If you feel out of control and like you can never get ahead, budgeting can help you achieve a sense of financial harmony. In this article, I’ll go over some useful strategies that will help you develop a practical budget.

How to Start Budgeting?

Personal Budgeting Tips for Personal Finances

1. Identify Your Personal Financial Goals

Before you dive into the details of budgeting, you’ll want to get serious about what your financial goals are. Note that these can vary depending on your age, lifestyle, and debts.

If you don’t have any savings, then your primary goal should be to put money away for emergencies. Once you save up enough for a necessary emergency fund — $1000 — then you can focus on more meaningful goals such as retirement or a home purchase.

Whatever your goals may be, start by writing them down and discussing them with a trusted friend or family member.

2. Track Your Spending

To predict future expenses and create your budget, you need to get a sense for what your actual monthly expenses are.  You can keep track of spending in a journal, day planner, or on graph paper. Each time you make a purchase or pay a bill, write down the date, the amount of the transaction, and the general category of spending.

There are also great financial tracking apps available, and most are free to use.   My personal favorites are Mint and Personal Capital. Both options allow you to link all of your accounts in one place so that you can track everything over time.

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3. Catch Your Irregular Expenses

Tracking your day-to-day spending is a good start, but what about those variable expenses that can pop up and leave you broke? Irregular expenses like automobile insurance can be easy to forget about, so planning for them is crucial.

Review your bank and credit card statements so that you can get a sense for when these irregular expenses occur, and then be sure to set aside funds in your budget.

4. Add Up All of Your Income

After tracking your expenses, it’s time to get organized and add up your monthly income. While many people receive a bi-weekly or monthly paycheck, plenty of others have income sources that can be irregular or less predictable. If you have income that is variable, such as from tips and bonuses, try to estimate them as accurately as you can. Don’t forget to account for sources of income other than your paycheck. You should also list payments from family members, roommates, small businesses or any side gigs.

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What Strategy Should I Use for Budgeting?

How To Start A Budget Strategy

There are many different budgeting plans and rules of thumb can help you decide how to allocate your funds each month. Take a look at the ideas listed below and see if there is one that suits your lifestyle and financial goals.

1. The Envelope System

In simple terms, the envelope system encourages responsible spending through the use of cash that is stored in envelopes. With this method, credit and debit card use for discretionary spending is reduced, and the majority of purchases are paid for using cash.

Why does this approach work? According to human psychology research, people are more likely to spend in excessive amounts when they pay for purchases or services with a credit card. Using a cash-based system helps to avoid this behavior.

After you get paid and cover major expenses like rent, you should withdraw your remaining funds in cash to divide between your envelopes. You can choose categories for your envelopes, like Groceries, Entertainment, and Transportation.  

2. The 20/50/30 Rule

Another budget plan that you may have heard about is the 20/50/30 rule. The idea behind this plan is that you should allocate money into three main areas: savings, needs, and wants.

That means that 20% of your after-tax income should be put towards savings or debt repayment, 50% of your income should be spent on necessities, while the remaining 30% can be used for wants.

One of the more challenging aspects of the 20/50/30 rule is correctly categorizing your expenses. This could require taking a closer look at your spending patterns and deciding what items are genuine needs. Needs are necessities, like having a roof over your head, whereas wants include things like your cable package and restaurant budget.

3. Zero-Based Budgeting

Zero-Based budgeting is a simple concept that lets you keep close watch over every dollar that you spend. The central principle is that your monthly income minus your monthly expenses should add up to zero. In order to use a zero-based budgeting system, you’ll want to set up a budget where your monthly expenses are equal to your monthly income.

It’s a good idea to leave a bit of wiggle room, so I like to include a separate budget category for miscellaneous or unexpected expenses, and you should be sure to include categories for savings and debt repayment.

4. Values-based Budgeting

Values-based budgeting is a system that shifts the focus onto the relationship between your personal values and your spending habits. It provides another layer to the budgeting process that can help you spend money on the things that are most important to you.

To get started with value-based budgeting, try to get a sense for how spending makes you feel. What purchases feel right? Which ones feel wasteful? Try to align your spending decisions with your own personal, spiritual, and political beliefs.

5. Pay Yourself First Budgeting

It’s easy for a paycheck to get used up before the end of the month, leaving one with nothing left over. Before this happens, start by “paying yourself first”. If you can make a habit of setting aside money in a savings account each month, you’ll be surprised at how fast it can grow.

If other budgeting methods seem overly complicated or too detailed, this can be a great way to get started.

How to Stay On Track on Your Monthly Budget?

How to Keep up with Saving and Budgeting 2019

Budgeting is a significant challenge for most of us – it often seems like there are too many expenses and not enough funds. But with a little practice and dedication, you can improve your budgeting skills significantly. Below are a few tips that can help you in your financial journey.

1. Documentation

Document your financial goals and your progress. For example, if you have major credit card debt, write down your debts on paper and post them on your refrigerator. Each month, write down the amount that you have paid off. A visual reminder can help keep you on target, and can also serve as a reward

2. Automate Your Savings

This is one of the best financial tips around, and it’s relatively simple to apply. There are a few different strategies here: automation can take the form of pre-tax contributions to your retirement account that are taken out of your paycheck, or you can arrange for monthly transfers that automatically move funds from your checking account into your savings account. If possible, you should try to take advantage of both methods.

3. Reward Yourself

Adhering to a strict budget can sometimes feel like a form of deprivation, even though the long-term benefits are more significant than the short-term challenges. Even so, it helps to build rewards into your plan to keep motivation high. Did you have to eliminate eating out from your budget so that you could save for an emergency fund? Well once you meet your goal, it’s okay to indulge occasionally.

4. Be Honest and Realistic

As you go to set up your budget, be sure to make realistic decisions. It can be tempting to tackle several financial goals at once, but people have better success by sticking to just one or two goals at a time. Part of being realistic means understanding that unexpected expenses can often arise – so be sure to set aside some extra funds.

5. Give Yourself Lots of Grace

Try not to get overly discouraged if you slip up – we all make mistakes, and budgeting takes time and patience to get used to. It can be easy to overspend or forget about a financial obligation. Try to review what went wrong, and determine what you can do to make a better choice next time.

6. Review Your Progress

At the end of the month, you should check to see how you did. Did you meet your savings goals? Were you able to make an extra payment towards repaying a debt? Make sure to review your expenses at the end of the month, and check to see if you were able to stay within budget. If you were able to meet one of your goals, then congratulate yourself! Smart spending habits will gain momentum over time, and seeing your success can be a strong motivator.

Map Your Future

By this point, you should have decided upon a budgeting strategy that works for you. The next step is to put your ideas into action and make your first budget!

Developing a budget can be a great way to come to terms with your spending habits, and it may inspire you to attain future goals. Have fun with the process, and good luck!

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12 Best Affiliate Programs to Make Most Money [2020 List]

DollarBreak goal is to empower readers to make better financial decisions. This post may contain affiliate links from our partners who share the same vision. Disclosure.

Best Affiliate Programs for begginers

According to the source, affiliate marketing is estimated to grow into an enormous $6.8 billion industry between 2015–2020.

Affiliate programs are all about making money and it is still one of the best ways to monetize your blog.

In this post, I’m going to show you the best affiliate programs with the most generous payment structure.

Before we get into the list of the companies, let’s start with the relevant definitions.

How to Make Money with Affiliates?

How Much You Can Earn Using Affilite Program

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting someone else’s products and services. Simply put, if somebody buys using your unique affiliate link, you get paid.

Essentially, affiliate marketing is based on a revenue-sharing principle.

What does that mean for you?

For example, let’s say you sign up with Amazon Associates, which offers up to 10% in affiliate commission fees. You recommend a product or service to your followers and get a 10% share once somebody buys a product via your unique provided link:

  • Product price – $10
  • Affiliate program commission – 10%
  • Amazon gets – $9
  • You get – $1

This payment structure is based on a fixed percentage per purchase. However, there is a much better payment structure – recurring commissions!

Why Recurring Commissions are the Best?

Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

The best affiliate programs provide lifetime customer commissions. This means you’ll continue to earn commissions every time your referral invests in a product from the business you referred them to.

Let’s say you sign up with affiliate program Beyond Hosting, which offers a healthy 40% in recurring commissions.

Monthly plans start from $49.90. So if you refer just 100 people at $49.99 a month and they all use the service for a whole year, you make $24,000 per year!

On the flip side, if your referrals sign up with the plan for $100, you make $58,000 per year!

In fact, it’s more than possible to make even more. Personal blog owner Michelle makes over $60,000 each month from affiliate marketing.

Now let’s go over the 12 best affiliate programs out there.

Best Affiliate Programs with Recurring Commissions:

1. Shopify

Best Affiliate Programs with Recurring Commissions

Shopify is an e-commerce platform which runs over 500,000 active stores!

You will earn an average of $58 for each user who signs up for a paid plan with your unique referral link, and $2000 for each Plus referral.

Their tracking cookies last for 30 days.

2. LiveChat

How to Promote Other Websites and Get Paid

LiveChat is an online customer service software and help desk software for businesses. Over 26,000 companies from 150 countries worldwide use LiveChat.

So far $651,183 has been earned by LiveChat Affiliates!

At the moment, they offer 20% recurring payments for customers you refer and 120 days cookies, for subscriptions plans which starts from $16 all the way to $149.

On top of that, you get up-to-date and high-converting banners, widgets and copy templates, which help you promote LiveChat and optimize your results.

3. Pure VPN

How to Find Best Affiliate Programs Online 2019

Pure VPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service, which is an encrypted tunnel that keeps your data secure and anonymous while you browse online

The monthly plans start from $3.33 to $10.95,

and the commissions are as follows:

  • 100% commission the first payment for 1 month VPN plan
  • 40% commission for first payment for 6 months or 1 year VPN plan
  • 30% commission for every recurring payment

One super Pure VPN affiliate made $47,697 in only 7 days!

They also have extra rewards for Top Affiliates:

  • 25% extra commission during the holiday season on every sale. (holiday season continues from Nov 16 till Dec 31, 2019.)
  • Top 3 performers (# of sales) get $10,000, $7,000, $5,000 bonus!
  • iPhones (iPhone XS Max) for affiliates in 4th, 5th and 6th positions.

4. Kinsta

Best Hosting Affiliate Deals 2019

Kinsta is a top WordPress hosting company, offering cloud-based hosting.

You can earn from $50 to $500 after every signup based on the type of plan you refer + 10% monthly recurring lifetime commissions.

There is a 60-day cookies period

According to Kinsta, less than a 5% customers leave it, so recurring commissions hold real value.

5. SEMrush

Affiliate Program to Earn for Subscriptions

SEMrush is a (SAAS) software as a service company. In short, they analyze your competitors, research keywords, and gain competitive intelligence, which helps to grow your business!

You can earn up to 40% recurring commission for SEMrush subscription sales.

Subscription plans are quite expensive and start from $99, but one referred customer brings you $40 for a starter plan. Find someone who needs services for a $400 business plan, and you pocket $160.

It’s worth mentioning that they offer a unique “first cookie wins” attribution model with an unprecedented 10 years of cookie life! Not bad!

In addition, they provide a range of promo materials in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, and Russian.

6. Printful

Best Affiliate Program for Graphic Design Blog

Printful is a print-on-demand order fulfillment and warehousing service that fulfills and ships products including clothing, accessories, and home & living items for online businesses.

Product prices on Printful range from $10 to $40. You can earn a 10% commission on every order for the first 9 months.

Printful affiliates so far have made $600K+ in commissions.

7. Instapage

How To Monetize Website Using Affiliate Programs

Instapage is one of the leading landing page platforms out there which enables the user to increase their conversion rate by designing a high-converting landing page.

Plans on Instapage are $29 per month for basic, $55 for Pro and $79 for Premium.

You’ll earn a 50% revenue share on the first payment and a 30% lifetime revenue share on all self-serve plans. Plus, you get 120-day cookies.

They also give you the resources you need to succeed, including promotional materials and a dedicated affiliate manager.

8. ConvertKit

Most Popular Affiliate Programs

ConvertKit is a smart blogger and creator-focused email automation marketing tool.

You’ll earn a 30% commission each month from everyone you refer, and the program has a 60-day cookie window. Depending on the subscribers your referral has, plans begin from $29 to $79 per month.

CovertKit is a relatively new company and has 20,000+ customers globally, so if you came up with the idea to convince 450,000+ MailChimp users to switch over, you would make a fortune!

9. Teachable

Most Profitable Affiliate Progrmas

Teachable is an online learning management platform for creating and teaching courses.

It’s worth pointing out that the online learning industry is expected to exceed $300 Billion by 2025 ($107 Billion in 2015), so it is a real opportunity to make some $$$.

Teachable perfectly illustrates this point – they had 10 million students enroll in over 125,000 courses, and sales generated by the instructors grew from $5m in 2015 to $90m in 2017.

As of now, they offer 30% commissions with a 90-day cookie for plans ranging from $29 to $399.

Also, Teachable offers several A/B tested promotional funnels which you can use for your marketing campaigns.

10. ClickFunnels

Most Popular Affiliate Program for Marketing Blog

ClickFunnels is an online sales funnel builder that helps businesses market, sell, and deliver their products online.

They have a Startup plan – $97 per month, and Full Suite – $297 per month.

You get 40% recurring commissions on sales of ClickFunnels, as well as 40% commissions on all the related products in the ClickFunnels ecosystem.

Even better, if you Sign up 100 paying ClickFunnels customers, they will pay an additional $500 a month toward the lease of your dream car. If that’s not enough, if you get 200 signups, they’ll even pay you $1000 per month.

Sounds good? You can see all current car winners here.

11. Aweber

Best Email Marketting Affiliate Program

Aweber is an email marketing service provider that allows customers to collect email addresses and send out automated emails, as well as broadcast emails and even create entire email campaigns.

They offer a 365-day cookie with a recurring commission of 30%, and subscription plans range from $19 to $149.

As an affiliate, you get access to:

  • Custom links
  • Email Swipes
  • Video Ads
  • Banners you can use to promote Aweber
  • A Free eBook you can use to send to your customer

A nice feature they have is that you can subscribe and instantly know when each sale takes place.

12. LeadPages

Long Term Affiliate Sales Program

LeadPages is a landing page tool for growing email lists in order to send lead magnets or make sales pages.

You earn 30% recurring commission for annual $25-$199 plans for as long as your referral remains a Leadpages customer. This includes renewals and upgrades of their Leadpages plan with a 30-day cookie life.

How to Promote Affiliates?

How To Grow Audience and Start Promoting Affiliate Links

Okay, so affiliates are great, but how can you grow an audience and start referring products or services?

A blog is probably the most effective way to promote your affiliate link. Some ideas for you to write about are:

  • Your personal experiences using the company
  • A comparison with other similar companies
  • A tutorial on how to use service/product

Keep in mind that you don’t just want to sell to people, you want to recommend a service or product your audience will actually be happy to use.

Remember this as the base for all your efforts, and make sure that whatever you’re recommending will be of interest to your audience.

What are you waiting for? Start referring and make money today!

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What Happens If You don’t pay a Parking Ticket on Time?

DollarBreak goal is to empower readers to make better financial decisions. This post may contain affiliate links from our partners who share the same vision. Disclosure.

What happens when you Have Unpaid Parking Ticket

Maybe you mistook that parking spot for one that was actually legal. Maybe you weren’t paying attention and missed a sign. Maybe you cheated and took one you knew was off-limits because, how often do they check these things anyway?

Whatever the cause, you’ve now got a ticket mocking you from under your windshield wiper, you’re probably wondering, “what happens if you don’t pay a parking ticket?”

Well, from obnoxious fines to legal hassles—and even worse things—choosing not to pay a parking ticket rarely works out in the end.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Parking Ticket: An Overview

Generally speaking, not paying a parking ticking results in a fine, several hurdles designed to make it difficult—or impossible— to legally use your car, and you will be required to deal with private companies, the state, or both to banish those consequences.

There are, of course, ways of battling parking tickets, and we’ll get to those as well, but first, let’s take a look at the potential causes of a parking ticket.

What attracts a Parking Ticket?

Part of what makes parking tickets so infuriating is that they can arise from a wide range of different causes.

You might have parked somewhere, either permanently or temporarily, thinking it’s perfectly fine and possessing no ill will toward your fellow motorists or the legal system.

You are not trying to break the law.

Then, of course, by sheer accident, you do. Now, not only do you have to deal with (spoiler alert) annoying parking fees, legal dates, and other potential consequences, but the infringement may also get stuck on your “record.”

As someone who has always been a careful driver, that can be quite upsetting.

So, what are some of the potential causes of that vicious little ticket peeking over the hood?

Among the most common causes of parking tickets are:

  • Parking for “just a minute” without paying.
  • Parking in an empty area and thinking that you won’t be subject to parking fees or rules there.
  • Parking without setting the parking time on the meter.
  • Parking and then exceeding the amount of time for which you’ve paid.
  • Parking in a No Parking area.
  • Parking behind the signpost indicating the parking area.
  • Parking in the wrong direction.
  • Parking outside the allotted parking space.

Now that we’ve established a few of the common ways to incur a parking ticket, let’s shift gears and focus on what happens if you don’t pay a parking ticket on time.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay a Parking Ticket On Time:

1. Increasing Fines

How Much Fine Increases if Parking Ticket is Unpaid

A parking ticket is, at its most basic, a fine you’re required to pay for breaking one of the parking-related rules on the property.

On the one hand, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Paying fees is one of the most common forms of punishment in our auto and legal codes.

What’s more, it’s a lucrative punishment for the state, with several major US cities making as much a $1.4 billion in annual revenue from parking tickets.

What can make parking tickets especially frustrating, however, is the way the fees add up over time. This can happen for the best and most innocent of reasons.

For example, you may be a young driver without much money or live on a very tight budget. While parking tickets don’t tend to cost wild amounts of money, especially the first time, it may very well be a larger fine than you can comfortably pay.

You might think that you’ll skip out on the fine because, hey, it’s not like the government will miss that money from one individual who can’t afford to pay, right?

On the other hand, maybe you want to do the honorable thing and pay, but for reasons described above, you can’t right now and intend to pay “later” once you get a bit more cash.

Unfortunately, both of those self-justifications for not paying a parking ticket right away can be disastrous, because the longer you wait, the worse it gets.

Missing a payment cutoff date often comes with steep penalties.

For example, in New York, if you go more than 90 days without paying, you may have to pay an extra $60 late fee and 9% interest on the initial fine if the ticket remains unpaid past 100 days.

In California, a late fee could come with a “civil assessment,” which can set you back as much as $300.

Simply put, dodging parking tickets because of the cost doesn’t add up.

2. Your Car Gets a Boot

What happens if Parking Ticket Is Unpaid

Need another reason for why it doesn’t make sense to leave parking tickets unpaid?

The consequences can get much worse than the fines described above—beginning with your car being booted.

After all, those parking meters typically come with cameras. Parking areas are often equipped with surveillance in the parking meters themselves or in nearby areas, so the police will know and recognize your license plate.

If they recognize your vehicle and you have a stack of unpaid parking tickets, you might just get a boot slapped over one of your wheels, prohibiting you from leaving before you pay.

In Seattle, this can happen if you have four or more outstanding parking tickets, while in DC, it can get you booted after only two.

3. Interstate Summons

What If I Got Parking Ticket In Another State

Don’t think that just because you left a state in which you got a ticket that you can get away with it, either.

What happens if you don’t pay a parking ticket in another state?

The police in the state you left will be sharing your info with officers in your state of residence or the state to which you have most recently traveled, and if they catch you there…its Fee City again—and probably a boot too.

4. Prepare for a Tow

Things that happen for Unpaid Parking Ticket

Let’s say that you’re living your best Thelma and Louise life, and you’ve avoided that parking ticket for a good, long time. And, you’re feeling pretty good about it…until they tow your vehicle.

The downside doesn’t stop there. In some states, such as New York, not only can your car be towed but, if the fines are steep or far enough overdue, your car may be put up for auction.

This means you could lose your vehicle entirely!

It really puts into perspective how ditching those parking tickets just is not worth it.

5. Negative Impact to Credit Score

Can Unpaid Parking Ticket Affect Credit Score

The state might not be the only one out to get you for a missed parking ticket.

Sometimes, they hand things over to debt collection agencies, which may chase you for payment. And debt collectors aren’t famed for their compassion or respect for personal liberties.

Prepare for persistent phone calls, letters, and even agents showing up at your home. If you value your privacy and peace of mind, you should probably pay or fight the ticket before these agencies get involved.

Let’s say you continue to test your luck. Well, what happens if you don’t pay a parking ticket from a private company?

Credit card companies and the bank are going to be involved when your credit score takes a serious hit. Your credit score can be negatively impacted by an outstanding parking ticket.

Given that you need a clean credit score to purchase, rent, and acquire everything from a car to an apartment to a business loan, paying a parking ticket seems like a small price to pay for the ability simply to live your life.

6. A Suspended License

Can I loose Drivers License for Unpaid Parking Ticket

A single parking ticket will not usually lead to a suspended license. For example, California passed a Failure to Pay Law in 2017 that prohibits suspending a license over the failure to pay a ticket alone.

A parking ticket, in combination with other, even minor traffic infractions, could very well provide the ammunition needed for a court to suspend your license. In 43 states, a suspension of your license can also lead to court debt, driving up the costs stemming from that initial parking ticket.

7. Insurance Rates and Parking Tickets

A parking ticket on its own will not increase your insurance rates. However, if you ignore them for long enough, or start racking up several unpaid tickets, your credit score may eventually be affected.

This alone can cause your car insurance to increase.

8. Your Registration Renewal won’t go through

Lines at the DMV are already long enough. You don’t want to do anything that will add to your wait time when it comes time to renew your license.

However, that is precisely what can happen if you have outstanding parking tickets. When it’s time to renew your registration, unpaid parking tickets can stand in your way until the fines have been settled.

9. Taxation Trouble

If you’ve made it this far thinking you’ve stuck it to Johnny Law, check yourself—because Uncle Sam is about to get involved.

Dodging parking tickets over a long period of time can lead to the city in which you committed the violation, asking that the fine be taken out of your tax refund.

The Parking Ticket Time Frame

The amount of time that has elapsed between a ticket’s issuance and payment can make a big difference in how much you will be forking over to dig yourself out of the mess. For example, in Los Angeles, payment of a ticket must be completed in no more than 21 days after the initial issuance or 14 days after the first overdue notice.

Failure to comply will, more than likely, result in late fees.

Five or more outstanding tickets can result in your car being booted or towed.

If you wish to contest the ticket in court, you must do so within those first 21 days or 14 days after the first mailed notice. Failure to do so can result in you being unable to contest the ticket at all.

If you’re a driver with a low income and cannot afford to pay upfront, you might qualify for an installment payment plan. According to the City of Los Angeles, you must enroll in under 60 days from the issuance of the ticket.

Fighting Parking Tickets

Let’s go back to that fateful day when you actually received the ticket in the first place. Maybe you genuinely feel like you shouldn’t have to pay the ticket for any number of reasons. Maybe you believe the parking ticket was wrongfully administered.

As demonstrated above, outright ditching a parking ticket just isn’t worth it. If you’re going to fight that parking ticket, you’ll need to do so in court.

Far too often, people feel that the court system is either too difficult to navigate or else unfairly stacked against them to make headway. Facing down the behemoth that is the justice system is a major reason people attempt to ditch parking tickets.

However, if you know what to do, you can mount a successful challenge to most parking tickets.

Among the elements you’ll want to look for when challenging a parking ticket include:

  • Errors on the ticket
  • Help from apps like Off the Record, which feature tools and information you can use to support your challenge
  • Tips and tricks found in parking ticket help guides such as Beat That Parking Ticket

If you still can’t find any glaring errors to exploit, appeal to law enforcement directly if you genuinely have a good excuse—it’s worth a try!

Avoid Taking Chances

Look, nobody likes parking tickets—except, of course, politicians funding budgets with them.

However, the fact of the matter is that the consequences of dodging parking tickets can be far worse than the original fine.

Instead, face matters head-on with Off the Record and other online resources for fighting parking tickets legally and successfully.

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VIP Voice Review 2020. Is VIP Voice Legit?

DollarBreak goal is to empower readers to make better financial decisions. This post may contain affiliate links from our partners who share the same vision. Disclosure.

If you have some spare time, you may have wondered about turning this into extra cash or prizes.

In this VIP Voice Review, we aim to help you determine if this is the best option for you.

VIP Voice Summary



VIP Voice won’t compensate you with cash. Instead, you get points that you’ll enter for a chance to win something. For this reason, we believe that VIP Voice would be well suited to people that just want a bit of fun and a chance to win a cool prize online.



  • Sweepland

  • Bidland


  • Legit & Safe

  • Pay Per Survey

  • Earning Potential

  • Payout Process


  • You’re not troubled with spam
  • You have a chance to win some big prizes
  • Easy survey qualification (screening)
  • Surveys only take a few minutes to complete


  • Available in the US and Canada only
  • No cash payments
  • The surveys can be repetitive after a while
  • No mobile app available


Is VIP Voice Legit?

VIP Voice is owned by the NDP Group, which is a marketing company established in 1967. During the research for this VIP Voice review, we found that this company has an excellent reputation. They regularly work with top companies, and they are ranked in the top 25 market research companies in the world today.

VIP Voice has an A rating with the BBB, and they currently have approximately 3 million members. Some users have complained that the reward structure doesn’t offer enough for participants, and yet others are very enthusiastic about this platform.

How Does VIP Voice Work?

VIP Voice is not really a paid survey site in the strictest sense of the word, and this company doesn’t pay any money for participation in surveys. It’s better to think of VIP Voice as a kind of online research panel with a point based reward system.

We found during this VIP Voice review that they act as a conduit between their partner companies and the consumers of the products and services. They help companies to find what people want, and this helps manufacturers and service providers to improve.

VIP Voice also gathers data from retailers to determine which products are selling well in which locations. Buyers tend to be habitual, and knowing where they buy their favorite products is very useful from a marketing perspective. The main goal of VIP Voice is to help its clients create more targeted marketing campaigns to increase profitability.

As far as the rest of us are concerned, these companies need our input to work out how to sell their stuff to us more effectively. We can profit from that need by assisting these data gathering companies in their efforts, after all, we’re buying the products anyway, so why not make a little money as a side gig.

The VIP Voice members fill in surveys that are carefully matched to their particular demographic. Satisfying this need earns the member points that can be redeemed for prizes and rewards. The more survey the member answers, the higher their user level, and the more points they can earn. For this reason, it’s a good idea to create an accurate profile and stay active on the VIP Voice platform.

What is VIP Voice Sign Up Process?

How To Sign Up To Vip Voice Surveys

It’s free to join VIP Voice, it takes around 5 minutes to fill in your basic information, and then they send out a confirmation email. Click the confirmation link in the email, and you can log into the main VIP Voice site.

The registration process requires more information, including details, such as gender, race, marital status, date of birth, address, occupation, and education level. At the completion of the registration process, the member will be entered into a quarterly sweepstake with a $1000 top prize. 

The new member can then start to participate in the surveys and take part in the VIP Voice reward program. A person can join VIP Voice at 13 years of age in the US, and the age rises to 18 for Canadians. At the moment, VIP Voice is only available in the US and Canada.

You can sign up with VIP Voice here

Best Paying Survey Sites

After reviewing 64 survey sites, we picked out top 3 best paying survey platforms.
For maximum income sign up for several sites at once.

How Much VIP Voice points are Worth?

Each VIP Voice member is compensated with VIP points for each survey they complete. Each VIP point is worth one bid or entry in the member’s choice of auctions or sweepstakes.

The auctions are run by Bidland, and the sweepstakes are controlled by Sweepland. The compensation for each survey is based on a tiered reward system that goes from 1-5 levels, with level 5 being the top tier. Every new member starts at level 1, and they progress upwards based on the number of surveys they successfully complete.

How Much Can You Make from VIP Voice Online Surveys?

How Much Can You Make from VIP Voice Online Surveys

All registered members will receive any matched survey invites by email, or they can search for interesting surveys on the platform itself.

Each survey will take anywhere from a couple of minutes up to 30 minutes, depending on the depth and complexity of the material. Each member starts at level 1, and they progress to level 5, which is the maximum level available. At level 1, a new member needs to complete a single survey to earn 50 VIP points. However, at level 5, a more experienced member could complete the same survey and earn 550 points. So, as you can see, it really pays to steadily work your way through the various levels in VIP Voice.

During this VIP Voice review, we found that the VIP points cannot be turned into cash. Members usually cash out in the form of Amazon gift cards instead, and most users receive 1-2 survey invites each week. Searching for appropriate surveys on the VIP Voice site is a little hit and miss, and there is no guarantee that you will find something suitable. Generally speaking, the higher level surveys are more frequent, and this is another good reason to go up in the level system.

Many survey sites have a system that can disqualify a person part way through the survey. This can happen because the survey requirements have been met, or the survey taker’s answers may be showing that they are not well suited to that particular survey. Many survey sites don’t compensate their members for the time they spent on that survey until they were interrupted.

VIP Voice does offer a reward for their members if they don’t qualify to finish the survey, and again this process is based on the member’s level. A level 1 member would receive 25 VIP participation points, and a level 5 member would receive 200 VIP participation points.

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What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on VIP Voice?

Invite Friends

VIP Voice has a very simple referral reward system. If you refer a new member, you will receive an entry in the $1000 sweepstakes.

How to Redeem Points with VIP Voice?

How To Redeem Vip Voice Points

VIP Voice points can be redeemed in Sweepland, where each point is a single entry in that contest. Points can be added or subtracted as desired right up to the start of the sweepstake. But, the more points added improve the chance of winning and the prizes can be impressive.

It isn’t unusual to see prizes such as vacation tickets, consumer goods, electronics, and even thousands of dollars in prize money. Many people will not be attracted to the aspect of VIP Voice because it’s essentially gambling or a lottery. But, if you like a little risk with the money that you’ve earned on the side, this could be fun for you.

The other main option is Bidland, where members can take part in auctions for electronic products, stuff for your home, and even gift cards. Members can only enter a bid if they put in more points than the previous high bidder. Sadly, you cannot always take part in an auction that may attract your interest. Certain auctions are only available for higher level members, and if you think about it, that makes perfect sense.

The highest priced auction objects cost literally thousands of points so they would be out of the reach of newer members anyway. Any points that you submit in a Bidland bid will be returned to the member’s account if they didn’t win the auction. 

What are the VIP Voice Pros & Cons?


  • The VIP Voice registration process is free and easy
  • The website is secure, and no financial information is needed, so your data is safe
  • Any person can qualify for the vast majority of surveys. VIP Voice also compensates members that don’t qualify to complete a survey
  • Most surveys only take a few minutes to complete, and they can be fun
  • The chance to win a quarterly sweepstake is a novel feature that some people will enjoy


  • VIP Voice doesn’t have an easy to use app
  • This platform is available in the US and Canada only
  • The surveys can be repetitive after a while.
  • Many members have been on VIP Voice for years and have never won a sweepstake or sweepland event.
  • Members cannot earn cash rewards.

Is VIP Voice Worth it?

As you can tell from this VIP Voice review, this platform is probably not for everyone. Most people want to complete surveys to make a little extra money. However, if you like to win prizes and enjoy bidding on auctions VIP Voice may be an ideal fit.

For this reason, we believe that VIP Voice would be well suited to people that just want a bit of fun and a chance to win a cool prize online. This platform is obviously not appropriate for people that want a full or even a part time income.

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How to Contact VIP Voice Customer Service?

Visit VIP Voice and enable the pop-ups in your usual browser settings and then click the “Contact Us” button located on the right side. Then you click on the “Helpdesk Support” and a handy window appears with the contact information for the helpdesk.

Is VIP Voice Free?

Yes, VIP Voice is free to join and use.

Can you fill VIP Voice Surveys with Mobile App?

VIP Voice will work with a mobile device, but there is no associated app. Essentially you are using the website on a smaller screen, but it works fairly well with a little practice. Having VIP Voice with you when you’re on the go is handy when you’re bidding on an auction prize, and you want to adjust your bid and monitor the progress.

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e-Rewards Review 2020. Is e-Rewards Legit?

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If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra cash, it is possible to work from home in your spare time completing surveys.

In this e-Rewards review, we’ll explore the platform to see if this could provide a side gig to suit your circumstances.

e-Rewards Summary



The e-Rewards site is quite unusual when compared to many other survey sites. If you can get an invite, it is possible to earn anywhere from $20 up to $40 per month on this platform in gift cards and air miles.



  • Gift Cards

  • Travel Miles


  • Legit & Safe

  • Pay Per Survey

  • Earning Potential

  • Payout Process


  • Surveys pay above the industry standard
  • You can earn hotel rewards
  • Processes rewards within 24 hours
  • Alerts once new surveys are ready


  • Invite only
  • No cash option
  • Hard to understand points system
  • Account closures


Is e-Rewards Legit?

e-Rewards was founded in 1999, and the company is part of the Research Now Group. This is one of the oldest survey sites still online, and they specialize in rewarding participants that share their opinions and thoughts. 

e-Rewards is not accredited by the BBB, but the company has 2 million members. Some members have complained about problems with slow rewards and account suspensions. However, many others love the e-Rewards platform, and they are often praised for their high quality surveys and reward structure. This opinion can be confirmed by checking a recent e-Rewards review or perusing some blogs and forums on the topic.

How Does e-Rewards Work?

How Does e-Rewards Work

A survey platform works pretty much how you would expect, a company needs some input from a certain demographic, and they contact e-Rewards or another company to help.

A relevant survey is produced that’s targeted towards a certain demographic, and those people take the survey. The results provide valuable data for the origination company that they can use to improve their products, services, and marketing strategies. 

e-Rewards works with larger and well established brands such as Twitter, Walmart, and Best Buy, like many other top tier survey platforms. These larger companies want that valuable customer feedback because it helps them to make well informed decisions.

What is e-Rewards Sign Up Process?

e-rewards Sign Up Process

e-Rewards is not an easy site to join and operates on a strict invitation only basis. The company has an “e-Rewards Optional Panel” program, but this is quite a mysterious system, and there isn’t much information available online.

Most people that join e-Rewards are sourced from one of the partner companies such as Buy Box or Wallmart.

As an invite-only platform, the e-Rewards sign up process is a bit of a mystery, but there are few things that we do know. If you’re a loyal customer of an e-Rewards partner company, you may be contacted by them via email.

For example, if you indicate that you shop at Wallmart, you might get access to a survey about your recent experiences there.

This initial approach typically involves an invitation to take a quick paid survey related to the company through the e-Rewards website. All you need to do is follow the prompts as directed, and you will find yourself in the membership area of the e-Rewards website. 

Prospective e-Rewards members must be above 13 years in the United States to qualify for acceptance. Once the invitation has been received, the participant is required to fill out some basic account information, such as name, address, and date of birth. After this is completed, there is an enrollment survey that needs to be submitted within 30 days to continue with e-Rewards. 

The enrollment survey collects more personal data to determine your demographic group. This is important because e-Rewards needs to match your profile to surveys that are suitable for your input. This process is mandatory, and it’s in the new member’s interest to complete it honestly.

If the profile is incorrect, you may get fewer surveys to complete, and they may not be very interesting to work on. A poorly matched survey may even be disqualified partway through the process leading to frustration.

However, we believe that e-Rewards still pays up to 25 points if this situation arises.

You can sign up with e-Rewards here

Best Paying Survey Sites

After reviewing 64 survey sites, we picked out top 3 best paying survey platforms.
For maximum income sign up for several sites at once.

How Much e-Rewards points are Worth?

We’ve examined a lot of other e-Rewards review material related to this topic, but we don’t have any definitive answers. It seems that the points earned can be redeemed for other items, such as airline tickets, gift cards, hotel discounts, and even magazine subscriptions.

As such, there is no concrete way to quantify the cash value of an e-Rewards point. There is simply no conversion rate available, and the points are usually adjusted according to current promotional offers from partner companies. 

How Much Can You Make from e-Rewards Online Surveys?

If you lucky enough to get invited to join, you will be matched to some appropriate surveys related to your particular demographic.

When the survey is received, the member has 30 days to complete the survey. If the survey is not completed in this time period, it expires, and it may be assigned to another person next time. Some e-Rewards users have mentioned that a past survey with a broken link can still be accessed with the latest web address, and they have finished surveys at their leisure.

The disqualification process is quite generous, and survey takers are compensated up to 25 points for a survey that they are not allowed to complete. A disqualification can occur because the survey taker is answering too many questions in a manner that suggest that they are not part of the target demographic. The chances of this situation occurring can be minimized if the member has a complete profile and as they work on more surveys.

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What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on e-Rewards?

How To Make Money on e-Rewards

Quick Polls

An e-Rewards “Quick Poll” is a very short type of survey with only a few questions to complete. As one might expect, this type of survey doesn’t earn a lot of points, but they are easy to complete.

Successfully completing a number of quick polls is a great way to improve the points in your account.

Product Testing

This is less common, but you may be asked by e-Rewards to test out a prototype product for a partner company. Checking out a product that hasn’t hit the market yet can be a great deal of fun, and you can earn some points at the same time.

Your input could even affect the development of the product that finally hits the shelves, which is an exciting prospect.

Local Missions

This sounds like a spy novel, but you may be tasked by e-Rewards to undertake a mission in your local area. This is interesting but perhaps not as exciting as it initially sounds. Most local missions involve going to a very specific store and purchasing a product.

The rewards for this type of e-Rewards work can vary depending on how long it’s likely to take and how complex the task may be. But, generally speaking, these types of tasks pay quite well compared to many other e-Rewards options. So, if you get offered a local mission, it pays to get a good reputation for quick completion because this may land you more lucrative options.

How to Redeem Points with e-Re