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If you’re considering participating in surveys as your next side gig, you need to choose a legit platform.

In this Qmee review, I’ll help you to determine if Qmee is the right choice for you.

Qmee Summary



Qmee is a legit platform offering multiple ways to earn cash in your spare time. With no minimum payout for PayPal, you can earn a few dollars a day and claim your earnings immediately.


  • Worldwide


  • PayPal

  • Gift Cards


  • Legit & Safe

  • Pay Per Survey

  • Earning Potential

  • Payout Process


  • Payouts are immediately processed
  • App for Android and iOS
  • No minimum payout for PayPal
  • Multiple tasks available


  • Privacy issues 
  • Most surveys pay up to $1
  • App can be glitchy
  • Poor customer service reports


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Is Qmee Legit?

The Qmee has been around since 2012. Its app has had 500,000+ downloads on the Google Play Store and it also available on Apple Store . The company has a solid reputation in the online community. 

There are some Qmee review complaints about poor customer service and lack of payment. However, many users praise the quick payment and how easy it is to earn.

How Does Qmee Work?

Qmee is a platform offering shoppers savings, price comparisons, and discounts. Companies work with Qmee to gain access to the user base to encourage sales, customers, and brand loyalty. 

The Qmee surveys also provide invaluable market research data. Qmee invites members to share their thoughts and opinions. Companies use this information to develop effective marketing strategies and improve product development. 

What is Qmee Sign Up Process?

What is Qmee Sign Up Process

You can use your Facebook or Twitter account to sign up or enter your details manually. You’ll need to provide an email address and set up a password to access the platform. Qmee also requires some basic information about yourself, so the company can tailor offers and surveys to your interests and preferences. 

Qmee takes your privacy seriously. There is a pledge that the app will only operate when you’re signed in and agree to the terms and conditions. Qmee won’t store your general browsing data and will completely respect your browser privacy settings.

Qmee is available to residents of the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK, age 16+

You can sign up with Qmee here

How Much Qmee points are Worth?

Qmee does not have a point system. All tasks have a dollar value. 

How Much Can You Make from Qmee Online Surveys?

There are surveys available to everyone, but you need to opt in to receive them. There is an opt in on the “Surveys” tab on the dashboard. This is the first page you see on the mobile app. 

You need to ensure that you carefully and honestly answer the opt in survey as this will determine the surveys that are appropriate for you. 

Surveys are up to 30 minutes long, and you can receive up to $1 for each one. There are new surveys every day, but whether you qualify will depend on your demographics.

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What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on Qmee?

What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on Qmee

Invite Friends

Qmee has a referral program, offering you $1 for every referral that reaches their first cashout. You can find your referral link on your Qmee dashboard, but there is a delay for your link to generate. So you will not be able to refer friends after you immediately join the platform.

Internet Searches

You can install the Qmee extension on your desktop browser. This works in the background as a personal online shopping companion. You’ll receive cash rewards when you search for sites and engage with brands that you love. 

You will also see price savings if Qmee finds a better deal with its automatic price comparison tool. These appear as an additional result on the left side of the screen. You can click on the results to save money or earn cash. 

Brands Pay Qmee to appear in these search results, and the income is split between you and Qmee. So, if you’re a serious shopper, you may find that the Qmee extension could earn you a few dollars every week. 

Daily Polls

Qmee has daily poll questions with a new question each day. You can choose an answer and see how many people agree with you. Although individual polls do not earn you any cash, if you maintain a streak of 5 days, your rewards will increase. As long as your streak is active, you will see the reward increase next to the original survey reward. 


Qmee refers to offers as “hand picked money earners”. You can browse available offers on the “all offers” tab on your dashboard. If you find an offer you like, Qmee will take you to the brand’s website. It will track your eligibility to ensure you complete the offer and receive your reward. It can take up to 60 days to receive your reward, and rewards vary. 

How to Redeem Points with Qmee?


Qmee issues PayPal payments almost instantly after you request a payout. Your money should arrive within a few minutes, and there is no minimum to cash out

Gift Cards

Gift cards are also almost immediately available in an e-gift card format. You will need to verify your identity with a PayPal payment before you can request a gift card. However, this payment can be low; just a few cents will suffice. 

Gift cards start with $5 denomination, and participating retailers include Starbucks, Amazon, and Whole Foods.


You can also donate some or all of your earnings to charity. Qmee has a list of charities that you can choose to donate to. If you don’t see your favorite charity on the list, you can also email Qmee, and the support team will contact the charity to see if they would like to join the scheme. 

What are the Qmee Pros & Cons?


  • Fast Payouts: Whether you opt for PayPal or gift cards, payments are processed almost immediately. So, you should have access to your earnings within minutes of making a payment request. 
  • Simple to Use: Qmee has a very clear platform that is easy to set up and simple to use.
  • Multiple Tasks: There are multiple ways to make money, and almost always some surveys to participate. 
  • App: Qmee has an app for iOS and Android, making it easier to earn money on the go.


  • Privacy Issues: Some Qmee review comments highlight privacy issues and compromises. Qmee may share your information with third parties, which some people may be uncomfortable with. 
  • Survey Low Rates: Many of the surveys offer quite low rates. So, if surveys are your primary side gig, this may not be a good choice for you.
  • App Can Be Glitchy: There are Qmee review complaints about the app being glitchy. This can be problematic if you’re part way through an activity and the app freezes. 
  • Poor Customer Service: Some Qmee review comments complain about poor customer service responses when they have issues with the platform. 

Is Qmee Worth it?

Is Qmee Worth it

Qmee is certainly a legit platform. It has been around for almost a decade and has 500,000+ downloads of the app on the Google Play Store. The platform also has a solid reputation within the online community. 

While there are some low paying tasks, it is possible to make a dollar or two per day. This makes it a good option for those looking to make cash in their spare time, such as students, retirees, or stay at home parents. 

However, if you’re looking for quick cash or need a full time income, this is not likely to be the right choice for you. 


How To Contact Qmee Customer Service?

There is a comprehensive FAQ section. However, you can contact the customer service team via the contact form or through the Qmee social media channels. 

Is Qmee Free?


Can You Fill Qmee Surveys with Mobile App?

Yes, there is a Qmee app for Android and iOS devices. 

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