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Sharing your feedback and opinions can be a great side gig, but you need to choose a legit platform.

In this OpinionWorld review, I’ll help you to discover it is the right platform for you.

OpinionWorld Summary



OpinionWorld is a legit platform that offers flexible survey options and quick payouts. However, it has poor customer service and high disqualification rates. OpinionWorld earnings will never replace a full-time income, but it can be a decent side gig combined with other survey sites.



  • PayPal

  • Gift Cards

  • Check

  • Travel Miles

  • Donations


  • Legit & Safe

  • Pay Per Survey

  • Earning Potential

  • Payout Process


  • Payouts take less than 24 hours
  • Low $10 minimum cash out
  • Donates to the American Red Cross
  • Easy to use platform


  • Disqualification issues reported
  • Some users report account termination issues
  • Slow customer service responses
  • No rewards for screening out of a survey


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Is OpinionWorld Legit?

OpinionWorld has a larger parent company known as Research Now SSI, and they have been in business since 1977. Both Research Now SSI and OpinionWorld are mainly active in the Americas, and to a lesser extent in Asian countries, 

OpinionWorld has a good reputation with the online survey taking community. But, some users have complained about a lack of survey taking opportunities and a lack of credit for their work. 

However, this is not an unusual complaint amongst online survey takers in general, and many other users are enthusiastic about OpinionWorld and the opportunity to earn some easy money.

How Does OpinionWorld Work?

How Does OpinionWorld Work

In our competitive modern world, every company and organization is looking for a competitive edge that will make them more efficient and effective. For this reason, the public’s feedback is necessary when designing new marketing campaigns, developing products, and building brand recognition. 

Most companies outsource this work to market research specialists such as OpinionWorld and their active user base. The company will design a survey around their products and services and submit it to OpinionWorld. 

OpinionWorld then matches the survey to users in the target demographic. The users fill out the survey, submit it, and then they are paid for their input. The data gathered from the surveys helps the company to make informed decisions and increase their profits.

Each year, OpinionWorld handles surveys for almost 1500 different companies, and many of these are household brands. 

What is OpinionWorld Sign Up Process?

The OpinionWorld sign up process is simple. Visit the website and fill out your name, gender, and a valid email address. Make sure you read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy before continuing. 

New members must be at least 18 years of age and resident in the USA to join. You will need to provide information about your address, education, and occupation to validate the membership account. 

These questions place you in a demographic group, making it easier to find surveys you qualify to complete.

You can sign up with OpinionWorld here

How Much OpinionWorld points are Worth?

Every 1,000 OpinionWorld points are worth $10.

How Much Can You Make from OpinionWorld Online Surveys

How Much Can You Make from OpinionWorld Online Surveys

During this OpinionWorld review, I found that surveys were available on a pretty regular basis, but there is no guarantee that you will qualify. 

OpinionWorld tailors every survey to a very specific demographic group to meet the research goals for the company. Members with incomplete profiles will qualify for fewer surveys, so it’s a great idea to keep your profile up to date.

We also found that some firewalls interfere with survey invitations, so make sure to add OpinionWorld to your list of trusted websites.

If you’re in a demographic group that’s in high demand, you may get a survey once per week. Others may only receive a survey invite once per month, so you must create a complete profile and keep it up to date. 

This will also help with disqualifications during the survey because the survey will be more relevant to you. Visit the “My Profile” area of your OpinionWorld account and fill out the short surveys or “profilers” to make your account as complete as possible.

A typical OpinionWorld paid survey will take 10-15 minutes, which will earn you $0.50 up to $3. The exact time to complete the survey and the reward will vary on the complexity of the survey.

There are many topics available, including healthcare, education, lifestyle, politics, consumer products, and many more.

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What Are the Other Ways to Make Money on OpinionWorld?

Loyalty Program

The OpinionWorld loyalty program rewards you with a point bonus after you complete a number of surveys successfully. During this OpinionWorld review, I received 10 bonus points after 10 surveys and 100 bonus points after 50 surveys.

Invite Friends

Every OpinionWorld user has a unique referral link that they can share with others via social media or email. The link is in the “Refer a Friend” orange button at the right side of your OpinionWorld account page. 

Simply click on the social media symbol or copy and paste the link as needed. You’ll receive 50 points per referral, and you can refer up to 5 people. These rewards will credit your account 2 weeks after the referral completes their first survey successfully.

How to Redeem Points with OpinionWorld?

How to Redeem Points with OpinionWorld


The minimum cash threshold is $10, and payment processing usually occurs with a few hours.

Gift Cards

The minimum cash out for an Amazon e-gift card is $10, and it takes a few hours to arrive.

Airline Miles

You can convert the $10 minimum cash out to Airline Miles, and this takes up to 2 weeks.


When you reach the $10 minimum cash out, you can opt for a physical check, but this can take up to 2 weeks to arrive.


OpinionWorld donates $10,000 per month to the American Red Cross. This is done on behalf of the company and member, and this costs you nothing. However, this doesn’t count as a tax deductible donation on your part.

What are the OpinionWorld Pros & Cons?


  • The surveys are quick and easy to complete
  • There are plenty of topics to keep things interesting
  • The survey times are varied so you can find a survey to meet your schedule
  • The payouts take a few hours or 24 hours at the most


  • Some OpinionWorld review comments have highlighted disqualification issues, but you can minimize this if the profile surveys are complete
  • Customer service is slow to respond
  • Some users tried to cash out their OpinionWorld points, and immediately experienced account termination.

Is OpinionWorld Worth it?

During this OpinionWorld review, I hope have shown that this is a legitimate website. But, it seems that recent issues have soured relations between OpinionWorld and the user base. 

Survey disqualification can be frustrating if it occurs a few minutes into a survey, but 10 minutes into a 15 minute survey is annoying.

Of course, completing your profile and updating regularly can help to improve things considerably. That being said, the issue with accounts being closed when users want to cash out is very worrying if true. OpinionWorld customer service can be very slow to respond, and this can make things much worse if word gets around.

On the positive side, OpinionWorld has faster cash out procedure and a lower minimum threshold compared to many other survey sites. There are sufficient surveys for those with up to date profiles and the disqualification rate is lower. If you experience disqualification, you do get entered into a prize draw by way of compensation, but of course, there is no guarantee of winning. 

OpinionWorld earnings will never replace a full time income, but it can be a decent side gig for retirees, part time workers, and stay at home parents. The survey taking opportunities may be a little limited, but this is a common issue, and most people join multiple survey sites anyway.


How To Contact OpinionWorld Customer Service?

You can contact OpinionWorld by phone, a contact form on the website. They also have an extensive general FAQ page.

Is OpinionWorld Free?

Yes, OpinionWorld is free to join and use.

Can You Fill OpinionWorld Surveys with Mobile App?


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